Trial Kits

Trial Kits

Endear Your Skin With Skin Care & Hair Care Trial Kits From Just Herbs


Skincare should be a part of your daily routine. It is also vital to use herbal and organic skincare products only. Cosmetics may give you beauty but that is temporary. Prolonged use of cosmetics often damages the skin. Give your skin the joy of daily skincare essentials from Just Herbs. We have a range of skincare products and anti-dandruff shampoos for you. Check out our trial kits and feel the difference.


Buy Natural Beauty Products Online


Just Herbs knows the importance of skincare. We bring the herbal skincare kit online so that you can get organic products easily.


Check out our Skin Glow Creams for charming and radiant skin:


Ayurvedic Glow Boosting Trial Kit:


  • Silk Splash Rehydrant Face Wash: This Ayurvedic face wash has neem and bitter orange extracts with a preservative blend of herbs. You will notice clean skin without any dryness. The product is free from all sorts of chemicals.


  • Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack: Almond is bliss for the skin. Apply this pack on your face and massage gently, and wash off after 15 minutes. The pack will remove the dullness of your skin. Get rid of the dead skin cells instantly. 



Check Out Our Natural Skincare Products In Trial Kits Variants

Daily Skincare Essentials Trial Kit for Oily/Combination Skin: You will no longer complain of oily skin. This kit is all you need to take care of your skin.


  • Steam Distilled Rose Water Facial Mist: Rose extracts are high in Vitamin C. This facial mist is bliss for acne-prone oily skin. Spray this facial mist all over the face and let it dry for instant radiance.




  • Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack: This face pack evens out skin tone effectively if used at least once a week.




Daily Skincare Essentials Trial Kit for Normal/Dry Skin:

This kit is bliss for dry skin as it contains:



Just Herbs Brings Organic Skin Care Range Online


Ayurvedic Body-Glow Essentials Trial Kit: You will love the contents of this Ayurvedic skincare kit.


  1. Tender Touch Body Radiance Oil: This is among the best essential body oils at Just Herbs. This non-greasy oil is a perfect blend of vegetable oil, aromatic oil, and natural herbs. Your skin will be nourished and become lively. This oil is the best oil for Vata skin. Massage the oil gently in circular strokes on moist skin.


  1. Body Luster Sandal-Turmeric Ubtan Pack: Try out this herbal ubtan for deep cleansing and nourishment instead of harsh soaps.


  1. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Unprocessed & certified organic coconut promotes blood circulation. Use this oil for younger-looking skin naturally.


Hair Products Trial Range Is Now Available Online


Ayurvedic Anti Dandruff Trial Kit: This kit comes with one of the best anti-dandruff shampoos for you. The kit contains:


  • Javakusum Hair Oil: Improve your hair health with 100% natural Javakusum oil. Massage this oil on your scalp before shampooing. The oil boosts collagen and also repairs split ends.




Ayurvedic Hair Volumizing Trial Kit: Say no to hair fall with this hair care essentials kit that contains:



Use Ayurvedic Hair Products From Just Herbs


You will be glad to know that our haircare range is herbal. You can also get other skincare products online, such as:



Why Are Trial Kits Important For A Successful Beauty Routine?


Skin health is of utmost priority for Just Herbs. The trial kits we make are based on skin type - oily/combination and normal/dry skin. You can look your best when you choose chemical-free herbal products. All our products contain Indian herbs, which are beneficial for your skin. The packaging and the product pages contain ingredients listed. You can also check for any possible allergies due to the ingredients and take precautions. Purchasing a trial kit helps you decide whether they are safe and suitable for your skin. Once you know they are safe, you can opt for full-size products. We bring the goodness of organic products to your doorstep.

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