Ayurvedic & Herbal Cleansers

Ayurvedic Cleansers for Indian Skin

Investing in the best natural face wash in India is crucial to keep the skin clean and healthy. The first step in a typical six-step Just Herbs Ayurvedic skin care regime is cleansing and toning using some of our best natural face cleansers and our iconic ayurvedic face wash - Silksplash Neem Orange Rehydrant Face Wash. We are known for curating the best herbal face wash for sensitive skin. Cleansing with the best organic face cleanser in India is a well-accepted vital step in any skincare ritual or a CTM (Cleansing, Toning Moisturising) for oily, dry, combination, normal skin or sensitive skin.  It is important to remove the dirt, grime and impurities of the skin to keep skin pores from getting clogged, invest in a good Ayurvedic daily essential face wash. To maintain skin health opt for the best cleanser in India. It is also vital so that the next step in the skincare routine- a toner- can be applied.


Our best face wash for glowing skin in India includes the Silksplash Neem and Bitter Orange Face Wash which is a mild, sulphate and paraben-free gentle ayurvedic face wash.  We curate the best organic face wash in India. This  Ayurvedic face wash for glowing face is among the best face cleansers for normal skin, dry skin and oily/combination skin. This ayurvedic face wash cleanses gently, is non-drying and does not make the skin feel stretchy after use.  It is also the best face wash for sensitive skin in India.

Just Herbs Offers Best Skin Care Products in India

If you are looking for the best face cleansers in India that are soap-free and 100% natural, then our Aglow Neem and Chandan Purifying Face Cleanser is the ideal product that doubles up as a face-ubtan that imparts glowing skin. The Aglow Neem and Chandan Purifying Face Cleanser have been awarded as the best face cleanser in India by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. This best natural face cleanser in India not only helps cleanse all skin types but is also a good exfoliator which makes for the best herbal face clean up. It also dislodges blackheads and allows fresh, clean skin to the surface.  We have the best face wash for combination skin in India perfect for everyday use. Aglow Neem and Chandan Purifying Face Cleanser is the best face wash for women in India. You can even use a Face massage tool gua sha after using the cleanser.


For makeup users, we also have the best Ayurvedic face wash and deep cleansing lotion which is among our best face cleansers in India. It gently removes makeup melting away all debris and impurities from the skin and at the same time, moisturises it as well.  It is among our best CTM cleansers for dry skin and normal skin apart from our Sapta Jal Ayurvedic Micellar water.


You can also choose from our curated set of four product sets which have been put together keeping in mind your lifestyle and unique skin care needs. The set includes our best face wash for all skin types in India including the best face wash for dry skin in India, best herbal face wash for sensitive skin, best face cleansers for oily skin, ctm products for oily skin and ctm products for normal skin as well. Each of these sets has our best face cleansers and our best-selling ayurvedic face wash- the silksplash neem orange rehydrant face wash. They really are the best organic face washes in India. Do check out these best Herbal face wash in India.


The Just Herbs CTM trio for oily skin includes our Pomegranate and Mandarin toner for enlarged pores and our fagel instant glow all-purpose beauty gel aimed to make it a ctm product set for oily skin. The CTM trio for normal/dry skin includes our best ayurvedic face wash - the Silksplash, Sacred Lotus and Green Tea toner and our nourishing herbal massage cream. If you lead an outdoor lifestyle, we have the best Herbal face wash and the best face wash for glowing skin in India. We also have two very effective sets including our best face cleansers, face wash for dry skin in India, sun protection products, steam-distilled pure rose water and lip salve.  These sets can be used as ctm products for oily skin and ctm products for normal skin. We have a wide array of the best face scrub for acne-prone skin in India.  Do check out our range of face wash for combination skin in India. Also try Blemigel-Anti Blemish Gel and Anti-blemish night cream to remove dark spots & hyperpigmentation.
Also, check out herb enriched Compact Powder for a smooth, flawless and natural makeup finish. You can also try our herb enriched matte liquid lipstick, that is non-drying, non-sticky, free from chemicals & long-lasting.


Men's Outdoor Skincare Essentials- with Just Herbs 

Taking part in outdoor activities is always a fun and exciting experience. Whether it is indulging in your favorite sports for hours or going for your daily Sunday hikes into the wilderness, spending time outdoors is both healthy for your body and mind. However, it's important to remember your skin when you head outside. You need a skincare routine to match your healthy, youthful lifestyle, especially if you spend so much time outdoors. Men who love the great outdoors can keep their skin looking its best by choosing the right men's skincare essentials. Below are a few tips for men who love the outdoors:

  • Do not skip sunscreen 

 In a recent survey, it was discovered that women use sunscreen three times more than men. There are only 18% of men who regularly apply sunscreen before spending an hour or more in the sun. Their skin can be severely damaged by this. By using sunscreen regularly, you reduce the chances of developing skin cancer by 50%. Additionally, it protects against age spots, wrinkles, and leathery skin.

Just herbs recommendation: Our Sun’nil Jojoba-Grapeseed Moisturising Sun Protection Lotion, ideal herbal sunscreen for normal and dry skin with 2-in-1 broad-spectrum physical sun protection. 

  • Mild face wash

 It's important not to let sweat, oils, and debris clog your pores, as this could result in acne and dull complexions. Use a mild and natural face wash like our Silksplash Rehydratant Face Wash, which is our best-selling and most iconic face wash. It is formulated with mild herbal ingredients. This face wash removes even stubborn dirt. 

If you find it difficult to find products, we have curated the best products in one place with our Just Herbs Skincare Basics for an Outdoor Lifestyle. Featuring essential skincare products for a healthy complexion, this collection is a must-have for your daily skincare regimen.

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