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Haircare should be an important part of our daily routine. It must include exercise, a proper diet, and the use of herbal products so that our scalp remains healthy and is free from dirt and dandruff. Your hair and scalp must also be free from the damage done due to chemically induced products.


Just Herbs has launched one such herbal hair mask to reduce all the problems of your scalp, such as hair fall and damage, and at the same time make the hair smooth and healthy.


Check Out this Ayurvedic Hair Mask for dry hair and Complete Nourishment of Your Hair


Shirolepam Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask: Just Herbs have come up with the best hair mask in India made with the goodness of potent Ayurvedic herbs like Bhringraj, Amla, and Shankhpushpi. It can deeply penetrate the scalp to induce moisture, thus preventing hair breakage and reducing dandruff. It’s also known for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties.  


Some other key ingredients of this ayurvedic hair mask in India are:


Amla: Rich in phytonutrients and Vitamin C, amla stimulates hair growth and increases blood circulation in the scalp.


Bhringraj: It maintains the natural color of hair and its nutritional properties. It is beneficial in preventing premature greying of hair. It also reduces dandruff and cleans the scalp.


Shankhpushpi: This herb helps control hair fall and also promotes hair growth.


The leave-in conditioner from Just Herbs also has the goodness of Jojoba oil. It is rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair, making it longer and thicker.


How To Use This Hair Mask? 

You can use this herbal hair mask by evenly spreading the mask on your fingertips and massaging it gently onto the scalp. Divide your hair into smaller sections for proper massaging, and to achieve better results, you may wrap your head with a hot damp towel. It enables the mask to work effectively. You can leave it in the conditioner for 20 minutes and wash it with Just Herbs herbal shampoo for effective results. If you have dry hair, then this is the product for you! It is the best hair mask for dry hair as it will nourish and moisturize your hair completely. You may also leave the herbal hair mask overnight and wash it the following day to attain good results.


Benefits of Hair Mask

 Shirolepam Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask nourishes the scalp, reduces hair loss and dandruff, and promotes hair growth. It is being advised to use it twice a week before hair wash for visible results.


Check out Just Herbs  Castor oil and Black Seed oil hair care that helps to strengthen the roots of the hair & thereby augmenting growth. Our Castor and black onion seed (kalonji) hair mask helps manage dry & frizzy hair by providing deep nourishment. Our castor and black onion seed (kalonji) shampoo is sulphate free. It helps to thoroughly cleanses hair without drying out the strands. Castor and black onion seed (kalonji) conditioner is rich in Vitamin E and other fatty acids which helps to enhance the hair texture. Just Herbs’ castor and black onion seed (kalonji) anti-hair fall kit has all the products that helps to boost, nurture and protect hair.


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Why Choose from Just Herbs?

Just Herbs understands that your hair is an important part of your personality. It needs care and protection from the harsh chemicals and pollution that make the hair completely dull. Thus, we have launched this Ayurvedic hair mask for women so that you can get the goodness of natural products delivered to your home to make your hair healthy and strong.


Importance of Hair Mask For Men

As much as skincare, haircare also plays a vital role in better care. Hair is also an important part that helps in enhancing one’s look. As much as skin, hair care is also very important. Nowadays, men tend to lose more hair and go bald at a very young age because of stress, tension, diseases and many more causes. Just like oiling and shampooing play an essential role in hair care, hair mask are also important. A hair mask might seem not much necessary, but it helps in nourishing and also prevents splits at the end due to less care. To put it simply, a hair mask is like a multivitamin for your hair. It can help nourish your scalp and follicles, promote healthy growth, and keep your locks looking shiny and vibrant. So if you're looking for healthier, more lustrous, stronger hair, be sure to add a hair mask to your hair care routine.


Just Herbs Most Loved Hair Mask For Men:

Men tend to have coarser hair than women. So it is especially important for men to use a good-quality hair mask. Shirolepam Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask is a nourishing and moisturising hair booster product that helps in hair repair and growth. It is an Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss that helps in strengthening the hair from the scalp, reducing the frizz and static electricity, and making the hair smooth and shine while gliding. The mask is a blend of ayurvedic ingredients like bhringraj, amla, and many more for enhancing hair benefits. Initially, detangle your hair with a wide wooden comb, and take an ample amount of hair mask, apply from the scalp. Keep it for 30 mins, and give a good hot towel wrap for making the product work better. After 15 - 20 minutes, wash off with mild shampoo, and you can feel soft and silky hair. 

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