Ayurvedic & Herbal Anti Hair Fall Products

Ayurvedic Hair Fall Products


Your hair gives direct expression to your personality, more like your personalized ‘crowning glory’! Therefore, hair fall can be a bummer to your self-esteem. There can be a number of reasons for your hair fall, like stress, genes, weather, hormonal imbalance, hair-styling products, ageing, medical ailments (thyroid), chemical treatments, hair colour, wrong shampoo, etc. An imbalanced diet and bad lifestyle also hampers hair health leading to hair fall problems. Ayurvedic products are deemed successful anti-hair fall products as Ayurveda focuses on healing using herbs and minerals found in nature’s bounty in abundance.


Just Herbs’ utilization of naturally occurring ingredients with healing tendencies is a one-stop solution to a troublesome cycle that seems never-ending! It has always prioritized treating the cause of the hair fall over just focusing on symptoms.


A combination of frizzy, split-end, dull, dry, lustreless hair should not be taken lightly! Just Herbs’ Ayurvedic product for brittle hair is a well-formulated range to cure you of your worries. This product ‘Silky Strength Aloe vera-Wheatgerm Moisturising Shampoo’ is formulated to treat your dry lifeless hair without stripping off your hair’s natural oils. And if hair fall is your constant enemy, then here are a few Just Herbs’ hair fall products to put you out of your misery.


Best Herbal Shampoo For Hair Fall Control In India -  Root Nourishing Shampoo


Just Herbs’ 8 in 1 Root Nourishing Amla Neem Shampoo is formulated with amla, neem, hibiscus, henna, vetiver (khus), methi (trigonella) seed, wheatgerm oil, and soy possess individual properties dedicated to hair nourishment. It is a gentle shampoo with effective results which is put together to purify the skin of the scalp by eliminating acne-causing germs. This carefully formulated Ayurvedic hair fall shampoo strengthens the hair roots and nourishes them to control excessive hair fall. This best herbal shampoo for hair fall is made with ‘amla’ also known as ‘superfood’ contains endless nutrients making it a potent warrior against hair fall and premature greying. It is the best anti-hair fall ayurvedic shampoo.


Oil for Hair fall


Just Herbs’ Bhringraj Tail is a 100% Natural Ayurvedic formulation of precious herbs infused with sesame (til) and cold-pressed coconut oils. Sesame oil is highly rich with essential fats like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that strengthen your hair and control hair loss. This anti-hair fall oil also contains cold-pressed coconut that helps with blood circulation as you massage it on your scalp, leading to hair growth. It is the best ayurvedic anti-hair fall oil. Just herbs’ multitasking oil for hair fall in India promotes sound sleep, improves the texture of your hair, adds lustre and volume.


In addition, Just Herbs’ hibiscus oil promotes overall hair health. The legendary hibiscus flower keeps hair loss at bay and treats dandruff.


Anti Hair Fall Kits and Hair Fall Control Combo


Just herbs’ sole purpose is to prevent your hair from external as well as internal damages caused due to a number of reasons like harsh products, deficiencies, bad weather, etc. and one of the biggest challenges is the eternal hair fall! 

To provide you with the best, Just Herbs’ has brought together a number of Ayurvedic Anti Hair Fall Kits and Ayurvedic Hair Fall Control Combo, which hoards some carefully handpicked products by Just Herbs’ specialists.


Just Herbs’ Ayurvedic Anti Hair fall kit contains Bhringraj Hair Oil, 8 in 1 Root Nourishing Amla Neem Shampoo, Kumuda–Indian White Waterlily Silicone-Free Conditioner. The trio helps in invigorating plus revitalizing the scalp, effective for hair growth and nourishes dull plus damaged hair, respectively. This kit is a brilliant three-step Ayurvedic Haircare Trio that targets hair fall.


Just Herbs’ known to curate the best ayurvedic shampoo for hair fall. Their Ayurvedic Hair Fall Control Combo is an effective duo that targets hair fall troubles. It contains two products - 8 in 1 Root Nourishing Amla Neem Shampoo, a formula with benefits of eight Ayurvedic herbs and plants and Kumuda–Indian White Waterlily Silicone-Free Conditioner. These anti-hair fall products are bound to fight hair thinning and hair loss. The nourishing shampoo repairs damaged hair, reduces dryness and brittleness whereas Kumuda–Indian White Waterlily Silicone-free Conditioner is packed with vibhitaka, Indian gooseberry (amla), bhringraj and hibiscus that promotes hair health and stimulate growth, and the presence of Fenugreek (Methi) help fight hair thinning and hair fall.


Ayurvedic Anti Dandruff Kit


Dandruff can be a major partner in crime to cause hair fall, in some cases, it also leads to a large scale hair loss. To guide you through a no hair loss journey, Just herbs’ specialists have brought together an Ayurvedic anti-dandruff kit that contains carefully picked anti-hair fall plus anti-dandruff products. It is a signature 3-step ayurvedic hair care kit that concerns dandruff works effectively to eliminate the root cause of dandruff to make your hair visibly soft, lush, and conditioned.


Just Herbs for men offers its finest range of hair care products 

Your hair is a direct reflection of your personality, almost like your personal crowning glory! Men and women both value their hair equally. Hair loss is, therefore, a bummer for your self-esteem. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress, genes, weather, hormonal imbalance, hair styling products, aging, medical conditions (thyroid), chemical treatments, hair colour, and the wrong shampoo. Unbalanced diets and unhealthy lifestyles also affect hair health and lead to hair loss. Since herbs and minerals are abundant in nature's bounty in abundance, Ayurvedic products are deemed successful anti-hair loss products. Using natural ingredients with healing properties, Just Herbs recipe is the ultimate solution to a never-ending cycle that seems unending! Hair loss in this clinic has always been treated based on root causes rather than simply treating symptoms. 

Just Herbs offers the best ayurvedic hair care solutions for men

In Just Herbs' 8 in 1 Root Nourishing Amla Neem Shampoo, hibiscus, neem, henna, vetiver, Trigonella, and wheatgerm oil all provide unique hair nourishment properties. Its gentle formula is designed to get rid of acne-causing bacteria on the scalp by removing the bacteria that cause it. An all-in-one solution for many hair-related problems, this product is the best shampoo for men. Ayurvedic Bhringraj Tail from Just Herbs contains fine herbs infused in cool-pressed seed oils and sesame oils. The essential fats in sesame oil, such as omega-3 and omega-6, strengthen your hair and control hair loss. Furthermore, this anti-hair fall oil contains cold-pressed coconut oil that promotes blood circulation on the scalp as you massage it. This is the best ayurvedic oil for preventing hair loss in men. Our multitasking oil for hair fall in India adds luster and volume to your hair while promoting sound sleep.


Anti-Hair Fall Remedies| Anti-Hair Fall Treatment

Hair fall is one of the most common conditions affecting people. Most people began experiencing hair loss somewhere in their late 20s or early 30s. On average, an individual loses 50-100 strands of hair in a day. However, excess hair fall  may be a matter of concern. We provide you with the most effective hair care range to make your hair voluminous and healthy. We bring to you anti-hair fall remedies. By following these remedies, you can curb the rate of your hair fall. 


  • Onion Juice

Onion has antibacterial properties that help fight against scalp infections. The sulfur content in onions boosts the circulation of blood to the roots of the hair. This is one of the best anti-hair fall treatments as it encourages hair growth while preventing hair loss and fighting hair thinning.

Method of application:

  • To prepare onion juice- grind 1 onion in a grinder and squash out the liquid.
  • Use a cotton ball to apply the onion juice to your scalp.
  • Leave it on for 15-25 minutes. Rinse with normal water and follow the method with a mild shampoo.
  • Follow this anti-hair fall treatment once a week to see the difference.

  • Amla

The deficiency of vitamin C also leads to hair loss. Thus, Indian Gooseberry or Amla is another effective home remedy that prevents hair fall. Due to its exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties, amla promotes hair growth. This ayurvedic hair loss treatment also maintains a healthy scalp. Amla is also effective in preventing premature greying. Eating amla also strengthens the hair follicles and helps you prevent hair fall.

Method of application:

  • Take 2-3 tablespoons of amla powder and half a lemon. Squeeze out the juice to make a paste.
  • Massage the paste on your scalp and cover the hair strands.
  • With the help of a shower cap, cover your head to prevent the mixture from drying out.
  • Let it sit for 40-50 minutes and rinse off with normal water.

This is one of the most used anti-hair fall remedies and can be used once a week. To avoid the lengthy process of making the amla powder, , you can also opt to buy Nourishing Amla Neem shampoo from Just Herbs.

  • Organic Henna Powder

Henna powder is one of the oldest remedies used to treat hair fall. Numerous generations have tried and verified henna- one of the best ayurvedic products for hair fall. Not only does henna powder curb hair loss,  it also fights greying of hair. 

Method of preparation:

  • Take 8-10 tablespoons of henna powder in a bowl. 
  • Mix the organic henna powder with water to make a paste. 
  • Apply the mixture from the roots to the end of the hair strands. Make sure your hair and scalp are completely covered by the paste.
  • Put on a shower cap, to avoid the paste from drying. 
  • Let the paste rest for 1.5-2 hours and follow your regular hair care routine.

This is one of the best herbal products for hair fall that has been passed on from generations. If you want to avoid dying your hair, oil your hair before coating your hair with henna. You can also buy herbal henna plus from Just Herbs for a convenient application.

  • Liquorice Root

Liquorice (mulethi) is an age-old herb that is believed to prevent hair loss. It is also beneficial in soothing the scalp and improving blood circulation. It is one of the most used ingredients in natural hair fall control products and further helps you get rid of dry flaky scalp or dandruff.

Method of application:

  • Take a tablespoon of ground liquorice root and a quarter teaspoon of saffron. Make a paste by adding one cup of milk to the ingredients.
  • Apply this paste to your scalp and hair strands and leave it to rest overnight.
  • Follow your daily hair care regime to wash off the mixture.

Liquorice root is one of the most used ingredients in ayurvedic products for hair fall. 

Looking for a portal that offers you products to curb hair fall? Just Herbs is your one-stop-shop to find all you search. With Just Herbs, you can explore herbal products for hair volume to natural anti-dandruff products, all in one place. Apart from the best anti-hair fall products in India, Just Herbs also offers herbal compact powder and herbal matte liquid lipstick.



1. How to control hair fall?

Firstly, you need to figure out the root cause of your hair fall, whether it is an imbalanced diet, wrong shampoo, chemical hair products or medical ailments. There can be many reasons that lead to hair thinning and shedding. Once you have sorted that out, use natural products and hair therapy to rejuvenate your scalp and allow new hair to grow. Just Herbs hair fall control shampoo is a chemical-free way to obtain strong and thick hair.

2. What to eat to stop hair fall?

It would help if you made some healthy changes to your diet to control hair fall. Eat food rich in vitamins, especially biotin, which is responsible for healthy hair growth. Add eggs, leafy greens, fruits and nuts to your diet for better results. You can also consume fatty fish as they have essential fatty acids and vitamin D. This vitamin-rich diet should help bring your hair fall under control.

3. How to reduce hair fall naturally?

The primary cause of hair fall is using chemical hair care and hair styling products. The first step is to eliminate these. To reduce hair shedding naturally, start by incorporating healthy foods in your diet. Use natural products like Ayurvedic Shampoo for Hair Fall that will enrich your hair with vitamins, making them thick and lustrous. Just Herbs has come up with the most soothing herbal shampoo for hair fall made with naturally occurring ingredients. It will wash away the harmful chemicals and give renewed strength to your roots.

4. Does Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss work?


A. Yes, Ayurveda is effective to cure hair-related issues like hair fall, hair thinning, and much more. Ayurveda also proposes a healthy lifestyle and various regimes to control hair fall.

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