8 Amazing Benefits of Bhringraj Oil

Herbal Oils have a special place in Ayurveda. Many helpful herbs for hair are described in centuries-old Ayurvedic literature. Among them all, there is Bhringraj, the king of herbs! 

Bhringraj, often known as False Daisy, is a magical herb that comes from the sunflower family. It is most effective for hair and skin development and is  made from the leaves of the Bhringraj tree.

We all desire thick, shiny and healthy hair and to achieve that most of us have tried multiple hair masks, hair treatments, serums, shampoos, and vitamin supplements but disappointingly seen little to no difference!

Do you ever feel that your efforts are falling short? Sometimes the most straightforward solutions indeed yield the best outcomes. For example, according to Ayurveda, the effortless secret to hair health is daily massage with Bhringraj Oil.

What is Bhringraj Oil?

Bhringraj Oil is a natural treatment used to balance the doshas in Ayurveda. It is known to prevent premature greying and hair loss and is commonly used to stimulate hair growth, lustre, softness, and strength.

Nutritional Value of Bhringraj Oil

The essential nutrients included in Bhringraj Oil are Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. This highly effective oil is widely used to promote relaxation. It is well-known for its medicinal properties and as an excellent anti-ageing herb.

8 Amazing Bhringraj Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin:

1. Promotes Hair Growth 

There are immense bhringraj benefits of hair, among which the improvement in hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp and roots stands at the top. In addition, the bhringraj hair oil benefits also include stimulation of hair growth. For best results,  warm up the oil and massage it for 10 minutes in a circular motion.

2. Prevents Hair Fall

It's a fantastic and natural treatment for hair loss. Bhringraj oil helps to relax your brain nerves and relieves stress and anxiety. This plant also contains several minerals and vitamins that assist in preventing hair loss and breakage. At night, massage the oil into your scalp to enhance blood circulation at the root of your hair, allowing more nutrients to enter which encourages hair development.

3. Reduces Dandruff and Treats Dry Scalp

Bhringraj oil has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, which aid in dandruff reduction. It also helps reduce scalp psoriasis symptoms and relieves irritation on a dry scalp. In addition, it moisturises the scalp and relaxes irritation caused due to over-dryness.

4. Prevents Premature Hair Greying

Bhringraj oil is rich in active compounds called Haritaki and Jatamansi, which help to maintain hair's natural colour and prevent premature greying. To prevent early greying of hair, regularly massage your hair with a combination of Bhringraj Oil with Amla Oil.

5. Treats Scalp Infection 

Bhringraj Oil's antibacterial properties make it a popular choice for treating various scalp infections. This oil can help with follicular infections, psoriasis, bacterial infections, and tinea infections, among others. In addition, regular bhringraj oil massages can enhance the blood supply to your hair roots, which improves hair health. 

6. Prevents Hair Damage

If your hair is dry, brittle, and losing volume quickly, you may be suffering from hair damage. Many reasons can cause hair damage, including excessive heat styling, exposure to the sun, and using the wrong products. Use of Bhringraj Oil can help reverse the damage caused as it adds the lost nourishment. 

7. Treats Skin Infection

Not only does this oil benefit hair, but there are significant benefits of Bhringraj for the skin as well. The anti-inflammatory and cooling characteristics of Bhringraj make it an effective solution for treating skin infections. It is useful  in treating acne, skin rashes and allergies. 

8. Slows Down Signs of Ageing 

The nourishing and renewing effects of Bhringraj are incredibly beneficial to your skin, particularly if you have wrinkles and fine lines. It will help to keep your skin fresh, young and supple. 

How to Add Bhringraj Oil into your Hair & Skin Care Routine

For hair care -

Massage Bhringraj tail directly onto the scalp. It can be heated for around 30 seconds before using for optimum results. Then massage the oil for 15 minutes in circular motions and leave it in for atleast 30 minutes. After that, use a gentle paraben-free cleanser to rinse it off. 

For skin care -

Take a few drops of Bhringraj Oil in your palm and massage gently on your skin in an upward motion for a few minutes. For better results, let the oil penetrate in the skin for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water. The routine application of Bhringraj oil helps you prevent dry skin and issues that arise because of it.

Just Herbs 100% Natural Bhringraj Tail Online

Formulated with Bhringraj, Brahmi, Cold Pressed Coconut and Sesame Oils, Just Herbs Bhringraj Oil fights the common signs of hair fall and promotes hair growth. Free from chemicals such as Parabens, Silicones and Mineral Oil, this 100% natural oil revitalizes the scalp, prevents split ends & greying of hair while also promoting sound sleep. 

The extracts of the Bhringraj tree are beneficial in relieving fever, improving liver health, and treating gastrointestinal issues. So, what are you waiting for? Give your hair and skin the nourishment they deserve with 100% natural Bhringraj oil online from Just Herbs.

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