Beauty Benefits of Sesame Oil according to Ayurveda

Beauty Benefits of Sesame Oil according to Ayurveda

In Ayurveda til ka tail or sesame oil is considered to be the best oil for Abhyangam, the traditional Ayurvedic massage which involves the massage of the body with generous amounts of nourishing warm oil. Abhyangam can be administered by trained therapists or even a simpler self-massage can be done at home. Especially in winter months, a self-massage with some warm oil is highly recommended to keep the body lubricated and energized. Due to its lekhaniya (anti-obesity and hypolipidemic) actions, sesame oil helps in building muscles in lean bodies and reducing fat in the obese.

Ayurvedic Energetics:

Ras (taste) – Madhur (sweet)
Guna (quality) – Snigdha (unctuous/oily)/sukshm (minute)
Veerya (potency) : Ushna (hot)
Vipaka (Rasa after digestion) : Madhur (sweet)
Karma (properties) : Tridoshak, especially Vata pacifying

Sesame Oil: 

It is considered an ancient skin elixir. As sesame oil has high amounts of viscosity; it quickly penetrates and pervades the minutest channels, nourishing and detoxifying the deepest layers of the skin. “This penetrative power helps the oil to work from inside the surface of the skin and thereby regulate the circulation of blood. Sesame oil is used as a remedial measure for the treatment of certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It also provides improvements in joint pains,” states Dr Neena Chopra, Director Beauty and Technical, Just Herbs.

Benefits of Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is versatile and can be applied topically and also ingested with ease. Because of its satvik properties, it is also one of the best cooking oils for yogic diet. With a mild nutty and sweet flavour, it is an integral part of Asian and Indian cooking styles.

Regarded as one of the healthiest oils by modern nutritionists as well, sesame oil is fast making a niche for itself in kitchens of health enthusiasts as it is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.


Sesame oil has powerful antioxidant constituents in it called sesamol and sesamin which prevent the appearances of wrinkles and small pores in the skin. This miracle oil works as a natural youth-preserving ingredient as it enhances skin’s elasticity while producing collagen. Sesame oil rich in vitamins E and B complex helps to fade scars and soothe rashes.

Best Moisturizer

Although there are many natural oils capable of providing the moisturizing effect, none of them do it as effectively like sesame oil. Presence of fatty acids along with linoleic acid makes sesame oil an impactful moisturizer for skin. In fact, it can act as both moisturizer and softener. That’s why sesame oil finds itself as an active ingredient in many sunscreens, skin cleansers and moisturizers because of its unique ability to soften up skin and hair.

Excellent Carrier Oil

Though it does make for a wholesome meal for the skin on its own, its efficacy can be modified depending on how it is mixed with other carrier oils and active ingredients. In fact, it is one of the safest carrier oils that can be used at home if you want to experiment with essential oils. You can start by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your daily massage regime for a quick but pampering experience.

Suitable for all skin types

Normal Skin Type

Dry Skin Type

Oily Skin Type

Combination Skin Type

Despite being oily in nature, it does not aggravate Kapha due to its bitter, astringent and pungent properties. This oil works on all kind of skins, even acne-prone skin, because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

Builds skin’s immunity

“When processed with Ayurvedic herbs, according to tail pak vidhi (cooking herbs in a blend of castor, coconut and sesame oils), it can cure all types of diseases. All medicated ayurvedic oils are prepared in sesame oil, such as Ayurvedic Panchkarma therapy, which is a complete detoxification procedure for the whole body and mind,” explains Dr Chopra and adds that’s why Just Herbs extensively uses the sesame oil as the base for many of its formulations.

Make sure you check out these Just Herbs products that contain sesame oil:

Just Herbs Tender Touch Body Radiance Oil

This body oil relaxes the nerves, relieves stress and keeps the skin hydrated and glowing. Also read about 7 quick tips to hydrate your skin naturally. Ayurvedic herbs such as Bala, fenugreek, Ashwagandha and Shatavari are cooked in cold-pressed sesame oil. Simultaneously, cold-pressed oils of wheatgerm, a perfect addition to skincare and essential oils of Frankincense and sandalwood are blended with cold-pressed sweet almond oil.

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Just Herbs Kimsukadi tail – Glow Boosting facial Oil

This is an Ayurvedic brightening facial oil that is a blend of seventeen precious herbs. Sandalwood, vetiver and nagkesar (Indian-rose chestnut) are noted as varanaya dravyas (complexion enhancers) in the Charak Samita, an ancient Indian Sanskrit text written thousands of years ago. These naturally occurring glow boosters along with several other plants, roots and flowers have been cooked in cold-pressed sesame oil according to tail-pak vidhi (the traditional ayurvedic way of oil-making) to prepare a signature version of this classical ayurvedic formulation.


Just Herbs Javakusum Hair Oil

Nourish your scalp with this hair oil that reduces hair fall, deep conditions the scalp and treats dandruff. A classical certified Ayurvedic formulation, it blends the hibiscus flower, gooseberry and henna in a potent decoction of sesame oil, castor oil and coconut oil.


Just Herbs Bhringraj Hair Oil

Bhringraj oil is an ancient formulation of therapeutic herbs which help invigorate and revitalize the scalp thus stimulating the hair follicles. Hot oil massage with this blend prevents hair fall, dandruff and delays graying. An excellent tonic for the Nervous System, it contains certified organic cold-pressed sesame oil, certified organic Amla, henna and Ashwagandha.

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