Beauty benefits of Almond Oil

Beauty benefits of Almond Oil

Here’s why Ayurveda lists almond oil as the best beauty elixir for dry skin especially in winters

Don’t you all want to get closer to winter beauty goals of dewy skin and lustrous hair? What if we said that the secret lies in the natural goodness of almonds? Almond oil is an extraordinary moisturizer which hydrates dry and rough skin, keeping chapped and peeling skin at bay. If your skin tends to be dry and gets even more dehydrated in winter, a massage with almond oil is all that you need.

Almond Oil: Beauty Elixir

Almond is believed to have the same etymology as the word ‘Amygdala’, referring to the part of the brain that controls the ability to make decisions, create memories, and process emotions. No wonder, soaked almonds were pushed into our fists before we left for school. The oil extracted from these nuts is nutrient-rich and is best known for its beauty and cosmetic benefits. It’s mild fragrance and non-greasy texture is suitable for all skin types but is hugely healing for anyone facing issues of dry skin and scalp.

Almond Oil: Benefits in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Energetics:

  • Rasa(Taste): Madhur (sweet)
  • Veerya(Potency): Ushna (hot)
  • Guna(Qualities): Snigdha (unctuous, oily)
  • Vipaka (Rasa after digestion): Madhur
  • Karma(properties): Vatahara

Almonds are highly revered in Ayurveda for their nutritional value and vata-pacifying effect. “Due to the madhur rasa and vipaka (combination of water and earth elements), almond oil is nourishing and good for the strengthening of all body tissues, including the complexion and hair. It softens and soothes the skin and readily penetrates into the deeper tissues. Because of its warming qualities, it is very good for Abhyangam (Ayurvedic massage), especially for vata (dry) skin,” explains Dr Neena Chopra, Director (Beauty & Technical), Just Herbs.

The generous presence of essential fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic helps to decrease inflammations and maintain healthy cellular functions. This improves the skin elasticity and suppleness. So what does that actually mean? In simple terms, regular application of almond oil (or almond-oil based products) makes the skin radiant and younger-looking.

“While the hair shine can also be obtained by using silicon, almond oil is a wonderful non-toxic, naturally-derived and completely safe alternative to make your hair healthy inside out,” suggests Dr Chopra who holds the dual distinction of being an Ayurvedic expert and biochemist.

A rich source of vitamin E, almond oil keeps skin flawless and smooths the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. That’s why it is commonly found in many anti-ageing formulations. Besides vitamin E, almond oil also contains magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Presence of zinc and other potent antioxidants help in reversing the sun-induced free radical damage.

Almond oil moisturizes and also acts as a mild exfoliator and cleanser. So look out for almond oil-based cleansers which are great options for removing make-up especially waterproof make-up formulations. Dab some oil on a cotton pad and gently circle it around the lids to remove the toughest of mascaras and also to keep dark circles away.

Almond Oil is very beneficial when applying independently on skin or scalp. But if one wants to alter the properties of the oil for a specific skin type or condition, it can be done by using herbs of various therapeutic qualities. So reach out for some sweet almond oil to hydrate your skin and hair this winter season!

Make sure you check out a few products from Just Herbs range that contain almond oil:

Just Herbs Honey Dew Nurturing Almond Body Lotion

This deeply moisturizing and nourishing body lotion with anti-ageing properties of honey and almonds revitalizes and enriches the epidermis for long-lasting hydration and protection.


Just Herbs Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack

The anti-inflammatory properties of the herbs coupled with the purifying action of fuller’s earth and the antioxidant benefits of almonds help to restore the natural glow of the skin.


Just Herbs I’Brite Almond-Green Tea Nourishing Under Eye Night Cream

A firming and moisturizing under eye cream, this makes the bloodstream oxygen-rich, improves the capillary permeability, refreshes tired, puffy eyes, lightens dark circles and plumps up the delicate skin around the eyes. With the right blend of green tea extracts and almonds, this one ensures your peepers shine bright!


Just Herbs Honey facial Massage Gel

Enhanced with nourishing and anti-ageing properties of almonds to banish wrinkles, it prevents/corrects all signs of ageing. Vitamin E of almonds combats free radicals, restores collagen elasticity and improves the skin’s moisture retaining capacity.


Just Herbs Silkskin Indian Ginseng-Aloe vera Moisturising Cream

This nourishing cream containing certified organic Indian ginseng, Aloe vera and certified organic cold-pressed almond and sunflower seed oil protects your skin by maintaining an optimum oil moisture balance. It smoothens, hydrates and protects the skin, by providing an extended hydration.


Just Herbs Youth Antiwrinkle Cream

Infused with the complexion-enhancing plant extracts and beauty oils along with antioxidant properties of almonds, apricots and wheat germ, this night cream rejuvenates the skin and reverses the signs of UV damage.


Just Herbs I’clear Green Tea-Cucumber Nourishing Under Eye Gel

Its ingredient list consists of certified organic cold-pressed almond oil, certified organic Aloe Vera juice and vegetable glycerine. This under eye gel lightens dark circles and firms the fragile skin around the eyes giving them a revitalized look with a sparkle.


Just Herbs Liquorice Shea Lip Butter Balm

A smoothening lip balm made from certified organic beeswax, certified organic cold-pressed oils of avocado, safflower and sweet almond along with Shea butter is a winter must-have.


Just Herbs Coorgi Coffee Lip Smoothening Salve

This buttery salve uses a base of certified organic beeswax, certified organic cold-pressed oils of avocado, safflower and sweet almond along with Shea Butter. Unlike petroleum jelly and other petroleum-derived mineral oils, these natural ingredients seal in the moisture and also impart additional hydration to coarse and parched lips without clogging pores.


Just Herbs Marigold Mango Lip Contour Balm

Marigold sits in perfect harmony with extracts of Indian mango on a base – of organic beeswax, certified organic cold-pressed oils of avocado, safflower and sweet almond – to make a smooth and buttery lip remedy.


Tender Touch Body Radiance Oil

Ayurvedic herbs such as Bala, Methi, Ashwagandha and Shatavari are cooked in cold-pressed sesame oil while simultaneously, cold pressed oils of wheat germ and essential oils of Frankincense and sandalwood are blended with sweet almond oil. What you get is pure magic for dehydrated skin!


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