Ayurvedic & Herbal Face Packs

Ayurvedic And Herbal Face Packs To Treat Your Skin

Between our daily household chores, weekly commute to the office and then back home and the stress of walking on the tightrope of making a living, we hardly find time to pamper ourselves. That’s where Ayurveda enters the picture- the science and art of living which is solely inspired by nature’s essence. If you think that Ayurveda is only about herbal remedies, then you have got it all wrong. It is a way of life which embraces earthy living style and Just Herbs’ Ayurvedic and Herbal face packs and Ayurvedic face powders embody the time-tested purifying solution.

Now that you believe in going the natural way in order to take care of your skincare needs, don't miss on stashing up your beauty closet with Just Herbs’ amazingly effective Ayurvedic face packs and herbal face powders that are sure to make you forget all about the raging skin problems in these summer months. If we are to stress, other than your daily routine of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, it’s imperative that you show your skin some extra care with the help of our nourishing Herbal powders online which comes with some amazing healing properties. The Ayurvedic ingredients in these products work miraculously to reduce breakouts, improve skin tone and give you flawless skin.  

Benefits of Using Herbal Face Packs and Herbal Face Pack Powder

The onslaught of the environmental pollutants, prolonged use of chemical-based makeup products and hectic routines, besides many other factors, can wreak havoc on your skin. As we can all agree, skin woes these days are more common than ever before. Be it dark spots, patchy skin, suntan, acne and dullness. Topping it all, skin ageing has become a real cause of worry. But don’t you worry, these issues will no longer be a problem to you with Just Herbs’ Ayurvedic powder packs, Compact powder and organic face packs. These herbal face packs and ayurvedic face pack powders work wonders in rejuvenating the skin and restoring it.

Just Herbs’ Ayurvedic & Herbal face powder packs promote a natural healing process through ingredients that are derived right from nature’s lap. The formulation of these natural face packs comprises several essential oils that are completely natural in nature. These organic Powder for face help restore and maintain the skin’s elasticity by balancing skin sebum, controlling enlarged pores, treating patchy spots, removing excess oil and preventing further breakouts.

Just Herbs Ayurvedic face pack for pimples 

If you loathe treating your skin with those pricey, chemical-laden face masks that only assure instant results and rather do more harm than good to your skin, then check out natural face pack for acne and pimples of Just Herbs’ Advanced Ayurvedic Pimple Treatment, an absolute godsend product for you. This Herbal face pack for pimples is made from a 100% natural hand-pounded herbs and lentils mix, this Herbal powder pack online is very effective in regulating the excessive flow of sebum and directly fights that stubborn acne. This organic pimple powder is infused with the goodness of herbs like majuphal, narangi twak, sweta chandana, Indian volcanic clay and many more, which naturally help in controlling acne breakouts and also treating the recurring pimples by flushing out all the excess oil from clogged pores, leaving you with clear skin. Apart from treating pimples, this Ayurvedic powder pack for dry skin amply hydrates the skin while also re-energizing and revitalizing to make you look younger and makes skin glowing. On the other hand, for oily skin, it unclogs the pores and doesn’t allow accumulation of excess oil 

Just Herbs Purifying Ayurvedic Face Packs 


Nothing can beat the magic of an Ayurvedic face pack that has its life rooted in the Ancient Vedic culture of India. Like this one by Just Herbs, Neempure Arjun - Nutmeg Skin Purifying Neem Pack is packed with the goodness and anti-inflammatory properties of Neem along with the antimicrobial action of the flower heads of Sphaeranthus Indicus. The Herbal mix of this powder pack for dry and oily skin is aimed at fading acne marks, blackheads, preventing pimples and skin eruptions. It is the presence of nutmeg which sloughs away all the dead epithelial cells, polishes the skin’s texture and smoothens the way for clear and glowing skin. This Ayurvedic face pack powder is a perfect option to get glowing and healthy skin. 

Just Herbs Nourishing And Toning Packs

Invest in a good Herbal face pack for oily skin because just like oily skin has particular needs, so does dry skin. And one of these needs happens to be a really good face pack which is also Ayurvedic and Herbal in nature. Just Herbs’ I'mint Green Tea-Vetiver Nourishing and Toning Pack is a natural dark-circle treatment pack that nourishes and hydrates the fragile eye area. Coffee lip salve is a perfect product that helps in hydrated and pigmented lips. This Ayurvedic face powder pack is infused with the goodness of green tea, mint, rose and a number of other herbs that work to neutralize the free radicals which are responsible for inflammation and capillary leakage. It’s the presence of the wonder herbs like buchanania lanzan and madder root in this natural face toner for oily skin, helps fade away blemishes, brighten the skin and provide tone and elasticity. You can also try Blemigel Anti Blemish Gel and Antiblemish Night Cream that helps fade dark spots & pigmentation.

If you have an active lifestyle and like to indulge in some extensive skincare routine, our best moisturiser for dry skin in India and best organic face cleansers for oily skin is a must-have. You’ll love them as they’ll make your skin look brighter and more radiant in a single application.



1. Are herbal face packs good for skin?


You not only get healthy glowing skin by eating healthy but by also using natural products for your skin. Let your skin absorb the goodness of herb-infused face packs and see the difference as the herbs work their wonders on your skin. Avoiding synthetic ingredients in most skin care products will help revitalize your skin and bring back your natural glow. Natural and Ayurvedic products keep your skin hydrated, and moisturized, and maintain the pH level of the skin.

 2. When should we apply herbal face packs?


Herbal face packs keep the skin hydrated and maintain the pH level of the skin. They are best to be applied in the day to feel fresh. You could apply these packs in the morning, or before you retire at bedtime so that the herbs they can nourish your skin while you sleep. Herbal packs are good for skin as they are free from all harmful chemical-laced ingredients.


3. Which face pack is best for daily use?


Any good quality natural and herbal product for the face is good for daily use. Ayurvedic face packs are paraben-free and gentle on the skin. They promote healthy and glowing skin. These products are hypoallergenic and very mild on the skin. 

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