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Body Polishing Ubtan Pack with Sandal and Turmeric Body Polishing Ubtan Pack with Sandal and Turmeric
Body Polishing Ubtan Pack with S...

Brightens | Polishes | Imparts Glow | Soap-free

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DEEPLY CLEANSES & TONES SKIN | BRIGHTENS | POLISHES | SOAP-FREE | 100% NATURAL | HELPS REMOVE DEAD SKIN CELLS Deeply Cleanses Skin Glow Booster Exfoliates Products from our Preserve range maintain natural beauty A skin brightening and polishing body pack for use in place of soap to deep cleanse and nourish the facial and body skin. Effectively exfoliates, tones, texturises and refreshes the skin leaving it shimmering with renewed vitality and silky texture.
Ayurvedic Body-Glow Essentials Trial Kit Ayurvedic Body-Glow Essentials Trial Kit
Ayurvedic Body-Glow Essentials T...

Cleanses | Exfoliates | Moisturizes

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CLEANSES | EXFOLIATES | MOISTURIZES | IMPARTS GLOW Products from our Preserve, Protect & Nourish range maintain, safeguard & amplify natural beauty Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise with our carefully curated Body-Glow Essentials Trial Kit. While the ubtan pack cleanses and exfoliates, tender touch body oil and coconut oil rejuvenate and nourish the skin.
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Ayurvedic Ubtan Online

We must all have tried some home remedies once in our lifetime. We might have either heard it from our grandmothers or come across it out of the blue. We might have different versions of home remedies accepted an... Read more

Ayurvedic Ubtan Online

We must all have tried some home remedies once in our lifetime. We might have either heard it from our grandmothers or come across it out of the blue. We might have different versions of home remedies accepted and delivered. Ubtan for skin is one such remedy that is vastly followed. Natural ubtan online brings with it many benefits that do wonders for your skin. You can use a natural ubtan powder to make a face pack. Or you can buy Ayurvedic Ubtan online from Just Herbs.

Ubtan is a face mask made that has natural and ayurvedic ingredients. These ingredients prevent skin-related issues, helping you get the desired skin. The ubtan face pack leaves you with unblemished and glowing skin. It is highly popular as a beauty treatment amongst brides to retain the natural glow. Different parts of India offer different recipes for using ‘ubtan online for skin’. The ubtan comes with the goodness of herbs, nuts, pulses, spices, etc. The best part about using ubtan is that it can be tweaked as per your skin type. You can also add ingredients of your choice in the ubtan mix. The ubtan face pack is a natural face pack that effectively solves your skin concerns.

The best part about using Ubtan is that it is pocket-friendly and effective. You don’t have to spend money on expensive products to pamper your skin. You can easily buy ubtan online to get the glow you want. If you suffer from acne, breakouts, pimples, or pores, ubtan is your one-stop solution. Make a pack with the ingredients of your choice and get rid of your skin problems. Ubtan for skin does wonders when applied correctly. Make sure you use proper ingredients and herbs when preparing the mixture. If you want to avoid the trouble of making a face mask. You can buy herbal ubtan online from Just Herbs. Just Herbs Ayurvedic ubtan online is made from natural and organic ingredients. Read further to know how to make an ubtan face pack at home.

Herbal Ubtan Face Pack

An effective ubtan for glowing skin can be made with simple ingredients. The required ingredients are turmeric, besan, sandalwood, milk, and rosewater. The ubtan is loaded with active ingredients that help you get glowing skin. A few other herbal ubtan benefits involve delayed aging signs, de-tan, facial hair removal, etc.

You can also experiment with your natural ubtan if you are feeling creative. Make an ubtan for oily skin or to cure acne-prone skin. Mentioned below is the best herbal ubtan face pack according to your skin concern.

  • Neem ubtan pack

Mix an equal amount of neem powder and ubtan powder in a bowl. You can buy a herbal ubtan online from Just Herbs. Add a few drops of rosewater. Apply and let it sit until dry. This ubtan is great for people who have breakouts and acne-prone skin.

  • Almonds and ubtan powder

Exfoliating your skin with natural ubtan powder gives you smooth and soft skin. Soak some almonds overnight. Peel it and grind it in a grinder. Take a bowl and mix it with a few drops of raw milk. Apply this herbal ubtan face pack and leave it until dry. Wash with water and pat dry.

  • Yogurt for soft skin

Yogurt acts as a natural moisturizer. It is one of the most popular ingredients in home remedies. Mix one spoon of yogurt and one spoon of ayurvedic ubtan in a bowl. Mix it thoroughly and apply it evenly to your face. Let it dry for a few minutes. Rinse with tepid water. The curd, when paired with ubtan, will leave your skin soft and smooth. You can buy herbal ubtan online from Just Herbs.

  • Wheat Flour for sun protection

One of the best herbal ubtan benefits is that it brightens the skin. Wheat flour, when combined with ubtan powder, aids in de-tanning the skin. The wheat flour makes the skin bright and retains the natural glow. You can buy ayurvedic ubtan online and mix it with wheat flour. Take equal amounts of wheat flour and ubtan powder. Add raw milk to blend the mixture to make a smooth paste. Apply and let it rest on your face for a few minutes. This ayurvedic ubtan for clear skin will de-tan and brighten your face. When dried, wash the mixture and let your face dry up.

Just Herbs is an online portal for skincare and haircare products. Their products are made from natural and organic herbs. You can buy the best ubtan online from Just Herbs and get your desired skin. You can also choose from a multitude of natural skincare products. Buy the best ubtan online in the USA from Just Herbs. Shop now!

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