Ayurvedic & Herbal Body Oils

Ayurvedic Body Oils for a smooth nourished skin


Oils are known to be the most natural of hydrants. Be it hair or skin, oils come in handy for that overall nourishment. Different formulations of oil have been passed down through generations for their versatile qualities. Ayurvedic body massage oil is not only best for moisturizing and protecting the skin but also has antibacterial properties. Ayurvedic oils for skin works wonders and makes the skin supple. From infants to adults and older folks, different kinds of Herbal body massage oil serve as the best massage oil for skin. It is hence always a good idea to invest in the best Herbal body massage oil that would provide you regular nourishment, all within seconds of application. But why Just Herbs?


At Just Herbs we present to you a range of natural body massage oils that are pure and Ayurvedic. We create the best Ayurvedic body oil in India with natural and Ayurvedic ingredients that would give your body all the essential care without being harsh on your skin. We are known to curate the best body oil in India and the best massage oil for skin. Ayurveda is known since ancient times to be effective for physical and mental health owing to its natural and holistic approach. Ayurvedic body oil has the power to soothe, replenish and revitalize the skin and body. It’s the best body oil  for dry skin. When it comes to skin, all we need is some extra care, that visceral approach and strictness on the ingredients of products we apply regularly. Just Herbs brings natural body oil for all types of skin. Just get Just Herbs’ ayurvedic body massage oil and relax like never before!


They say, “Be good to your skin, you will wear it everyday for the rest of your life.” And how true is that! You skin is with you while you’re at that important business meeting or out with your special someone. Glowing soft skin is going to make “the impression”, while dry skin has all the chances to ruin your day. A soft, supple, nourished skin paves way for a peaceful mind, and these are just some of the body oil benefits. And the journey to this best skin just requires a little bit of care, love and nature-based products. So, to hold your hands and make things easier for you in this journey, Just Herbs brings you a range of Ayurvedic body oil online which are known to be the best body oils in india. Massage your way to a journey of good skin with excellent Herbal body oil in India.


1. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Unprocessed & Certified Organic Body Oil


Coconut oil is the best Ayurvedic massage oil for dry skin and is also known for its splendid hydrating properties for skin. It can effectively moisturize  dry, flaky skin restoring its natural suppleness and smoothness. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is an even better version as it is completely unrefined. Unrefined products are as natural as there could be and we bring to you the best possible natural form of coconut oil, to extract its maximum benefits.


Added to its already great benefits, this best Herbal body oil in India is cold-pressed and comes in its purest form in a water white colour. Furthermore, this organic body oil contains natural Vitamin E and no chemicals. If you are looking for Ayurvedic body oil for dry skin, this is the one to go for. This natural body oil can be used best for massaging pre-shower or even post-shower as a substitute for your regular lotions. You will see immediate results as one of the body oil benefits is that it works its magic faster than any lotion.It is the best body oil for dry skin and will solve all your dry skin problems.


2. Tender Touch Natural Body Radiance Oil


If you are wondering which oil is best for the body then Just Herbs Tender Touch Oil is a unique mixture of three cold-pressed vegetable oils, aromatic essential oils and skin nurturing Ayurvedic herbs.  This organic body oil for glowing skin is free of chemicals and has a complete non-stick formula. This natural body oil or simply the best body oil for glowing skin will impart that extra glow to your treasured skin while also locking in its moisture and can be used as an after bath body oil. It is light, fragrant and oh-so natural. You can apply this herbal body oil as a gentle massager for your body or even before makeup for that dewy glowing look. This can also be applied generously over arms and legs if you’re going out to a party or function to give them a smooth radiant look all the while being completely non-sticky. That’s our favourite thing about these ayurvedic oils for skin.


You can choose from a wide array of  Herbal body oil online according to your needs and preferences. We also bring to you a trial kit of organic body oil India and will let you try these oils in mini packs so that you can come back and buy the one that suits you well.


Ayurvedic Body-Glow Essentials Trial Kit consists of our very own ubtan pack of 25 gms with our extra virgin coconut oil and tender touch body oil of 25 ml each which are the best oil for body skin and the best body oil for glowing skin. This pack will ensure that your skin is well cleansed and exfoliated to be nourished and rejuvenated with our oils later.


Just Herbs also provides you with a range of other herbal products to choose from such as Ayurvedic products for brittle hair, Natural ubtan for glowing skin, Ayurvedic hair conditioner, Organic hair thickening products and many more.


Some body oil benefits: we provide safety, honest ingredients, effective and crowdsourced products for yourself, Just Herbs is just the place for you as we believe in making beauty inclusive, transparent and wholesome. We trust in Ayurveda to provide your skin all the love it deserves. Hence, we curate all our products with the best ayurvedic natural ingredients. 


While love has many forms, self-love is one of the most fulfilling. Self-care reminds you of your self-worth and makes one realize the true joy that lies within. So, consider this as a gentle reminder to take care of your skin and love it unconditionally! 

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