Ayurvedic Anti-ageing Products

Ayurvedic Anti-aging Products

For centuries now, people have reverted to obscure beauty rituals which have claimed to be the source of the forever fountain of youth. But clearly, the ageing process gracefully happens, anyway. You can only delay the process by using the best collections of Herbal anti-ageing products that will restore, protect and regenerate your skin.


The truth is, the earlier you start looking after your skin, the better! This practically means, whether you’re in your 30s or your 70s, you have to start incorporating the best Herbal anti-aging cream in India and the best anti-aging products online for your skincare routine. Eat healthily, drink enough water, protect your skin from direct sun and invest in the best Ayurvedic anti-aging cream products to see measurable improvements in skin's firmness and hydration and a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

All that said, to help you on your quest of turning back time, Just Herbs curated its very own line of Herbal anti-ageing cream online which is based on natural treatments that have been trusted for thousands of years. It is voted the best ayurvedic anti-wrinkle cream in India. The remarkable efficacy of all our natural anti ageing products stems from the meticulous adherence to the age-old techniques and formulas from the ancient Ayurvedic tradition which were behind youthful skin.


Daily Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare


Just Herbs came up with some star-performing anti-aging products online which have some powerful ingredients that one looks for when picking an organic anti-aging cream. Like, Just Herbs Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir Facial Serum will change your skincare game. It is a serum made with a proprietary mix of treasured Indian herbs like rosehip, wheat germ, safflower and moringa seeds which are natural sources of vitamins A, C and E. It is by far the best replacement you can find on the block for a traditional chemically derived Vitamin C serum, that offers immediate and long-term lifting and plumping benefits. The brightening and nourishing properties of the serum will help in reducing pigmentation, fine lines and dark circles.


Kimsukadi Tail - Glow Boosting Facial Oil is an award-winning natural organic facial oil that works on your skin while you’re asleep. The oil is jam-packed with skincare goodies like sesame oil, palash, sandalwood, mulethi, vetiver, himalayan wild cherry, sacred Indian lotus etc. which helps in fading pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes. Just apply a few drops at bedtime after your daily night care routine and you will wake up to a skin that feels brighter, tighter and radiant! Also, try Blemigel Anti Blemish Gel and Antiblemish Night Cream that helps fade dark spots & pigmentation.


When it comes to anti-ageing, our Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack is a top Ayurvedic pick which comes with detoxifying and purifying action of mineral clays. Packed with powerhouse natural anti-agers including fennel, vetiver, sandalwood, bitter orange, fenugreek and aloe vera, this skin-firming face pack visibly tightens the skin to give you a natural glow. You’ll love the "almost immediate" fine line improvement and will be "shocked by the plumpness of your skin,” once you start using this Herbal anti-ageing product regularly.


There's a good reason why beauty bloggers stress about Ayurvedic anti-aging cream online, which should be included in the skincare regime. The best ayurvedic anti aging cream in India promotes cell turnover and enhances collagen production, therefore giving you a younger-looking appearance. Just Herbs Youth Anti Wrinkle Cream is an intensive, rich-textured, ayurvedic night repair skin cream which works overtime to recharge and smooth out the skin. It is formulated with Indian Ginseng (Ashwagandha), fennel and a host of other plant oils to deliver some serious anti-ageing results and prevent signs of premature skin ageing. This ayurvedic anti aging cream online is a skin tightening cream that imparts elasticity to sagging skin to make it firmer and significantly reduces the look of lines with every use. It is one of the prominent Ayurvedic anti-aging creams in India. Add the amazing face massage tool gua sha in your skin time regime to remove fine lines, and helps the skin in releasing tension. Get the coffee lip salve to keep your lips hydrated and moisurized.

Layering Just Herbs’ power-packed Plump Up Antiwrinkle Gel is like infusing intensive nourishment into your skin. With a fine-line minimizer formula and a quick-absorbing capacity, this translucent, organic anti-wrinkle gel in India will shield your skin from oxidative sun damage and environmentally-induced skin conditions to gain the top marks in softening, firming, and reducing wrinkles.


When it comes to turning back the clock on existing wrinkles, Just Herbs have the best Ayurvedic anti-aging products  - all of them have what it takes to deliver results. We have gone forward to bring you mature skin essential packs of two miraculous products according to different skin requirements. Mature Skin Essentials for Oily/Combination Skin is specially formulated for Oily/Combination skin and hoards one plump-up anti-wrinkle gel and one Gotukula Rejuvenating Skin Elixir, which together are great to reduce signs of ageing. And Mature Skin Essentials - Normal/Dry Skin work wonders for normal/dry skin type, with a combination of youth anti-wrinkle cream and Kimsukadi oil. Boasting a slew of nourishing ingredients, these Herbal anti-ageing products will effectively penetrate the skin to turn back the clock and provide you with a more youthful appearance. You can also try our herb enriched compact powder that helps you to get glowing, radiant & younger-looking skin. Just Herbs has a myriad of organic beauty products online that includes, herb enriched matte liquid lipstick, naynam day long kohl - herbal kajal, etc. All these herbal cosmetics are free of harmful chemicals.


Apart from taking care of your skin, you need to look after your hair care needs as well. Just Herbs collection of Herbal hair care products won’t disappoint. You are sure to sign up for that!

Check out our Castor oil and Black Seed oil (kalonji) hair care range. It helps to fight premature hair greying, dandruff, hair fall, frizzyness & dry hair. The collection includes Castor and black onion seed (kalonji) hair maskcastor and black onion seed (kalonji) shampoo, Castor and black onion seed (kalonji) conditioner and castor and black onion seed (kalonji) anti-hair fall kit.


Natural Anti-Aging Products|How To Get Younger-Looking Skin?


Wrinkles and blemishes can pose a serious threat as you age. But does it mean it can not be prevented? Surely not. The elixir for soft and young skin can fit perfectly in your daily skincare routine. Using the right skin-care products can transform your dull and ageing skin. It also helps prevent wrinkles, blemishes, and other skin concerns. The most convenient way to get a younger-looking skin is by using the best anti-ageing products.

Anti-ageing products are used to temporarily plump your skin. It also reduces fine lines and makes wrinkles less visible. Anti-ageing products come in different forms like moisturizers, gels, and serums. They contain water, oils, proteins, waxes, glycerin, and active ingredients. But are anti-ageing products safe to use daily? Even the best anti-ageing products contain loads of chemicals. These chemicals get absorbed by the skin and can result in premature ageing. Prolonged use of these chemically active products can cause acne, breakouts, and other skin concerns. To avoid any side effects, you can rely on the ayurvedic product to stay young.

Ayurvedic products contain natural ingredients that are 100% organic. They can be used daily without worrying about any negative effects. Many people are now relying on herbal products because they are suitable for all skin-types. Although effective, natural anti-ageing products take time to deliver results. It is because natural and ayurvedic products heal the skin from within. The results are long-lasting and more effective than chemical-based products.


Best Products For Anti-Ageing|Just Herbs Best Anti-Ageing Products


Just Herbs is an online portal that brings to you myriads of herbal anti-ageing products. If you have dry/oily or combination skin, Just Herbs offers you the best products. The best anti-ageing products from Just Herbs include anti-blemish products. These anti-blemish products give you a younger-looking skin by getting rid of blemishes. It also offers an extensive collection of anti-tan products, anti-acne products, and the best pore minimizing products. If you are looking for a natural alternative, visit Just Herbs for natural anti-ageing products.


Herbal Anti-Aging Products| Prevent Ageing With A Daily Skincare Routine


  • Use a Gentler Face Wash


As you age, your skin tends to get more sensitive. Using strong products can cause a negative reaction. Therefore, switching to a natural alternative is both effective and smart. It is because they contain herbs that are gentle on the skin. One of the best natural anti-ageing products is Plant-based Retinol Face Wash. This age-defence face wash is a non-drying face wash that imparts elasticity. It is mildly foaming, effective in shrinking pores, and well-received by sensitive skin.


  • Use day/night cream


As you age, the skin loses elasticity and the ability to produce oils. The easiest way to prevent aging is by providing ample nourishment to the skin. Moisturizers are one of the best natural anti-ageing products. It helps fight signs of aging like wrinkles, blemishes, and fine lines. 


Just Herbs bring to you Plant-based Retinol Age-defence Gel Creme. This night cream repairs and plumps the skin to impart radiance. It also moisturizes and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.


  • Upgrade Your SPF Routine


Prolonged sun exposure is the most common cause of premature ageing. Routine use of sunscreen with a broad SPF is a great way to keep a younger-looking skin. Sunscreen from Just Herbs falls amongst the best herbal anti-ageing products. It is effective in preventing dark spots, discolouration, and hyperpigmentation.


  • Start using a facial oil in your skincare 


Facial oils are the most effective anti-ageing products. Due to their thin consistency, they are easily absorbed by the skin and deliver effective results. Facial oils are amongst the best natural anti-ageing products by Just Herbs. Kimsukadi Tail not only tones and texturises the skin but also boosts facial glow. It is also effective in reducing spots, blemishes, and pigmentation.




1. What age should you start anti-ageing products?


A. When it comes to preventing aging, experts say that 25 is the right age. You can incorporate anti-ageing products in your skincare routine when the signs of ageing start to appear. 


2. Can you use anti-ageing products too early?


A. The aging process varies from individual to individual. For many, it can start in their early 20s while for others, ageing hits in their 30s. Thus, it is never too early to start using anti-ageing products.


3. How often should I use anti-ageing cream?


A. Once you incorporate anti-ageing cream into your routine, you must use it regularly. They prevent fine lines and wrinkles and are safe to use daily.


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