Glow Vs. Fairness: What is the Difference?

Glow Vs. Fairness: What is the Difference?

What Is Skin Whitening?

Skin whitening aka skin bleaching is a treatment designed to give you a skin tone that’s lighter than your original one. This treatment uses a lot of chemicals and can be a painful process. It’s a controversial treatment as a lot of side effects have been linked to it. It isn’t highly recommended unless you’re seeking professional help

What Is Skin Lightening?

Skin lightening works more as a treatment for issues like hyperpigmentation. It works on the darker areas of the skin that have been affected by exposure to direct sunlight. The darkening of the skin occurs when melanin, a brown pigment that gives colour to your skin, forms a deposit in your skin.

Hyperpigmentation is harmless but not everyone is aesthetically pleased by the look of it. Overexposure to the Sun can also be followed by acne and damaged skin. Hence, to deal with hyperpigmentation, skin lightening products are formulated to even out skin tone. They restore the skin’s natural colour before the hyperpigmentation sets in. Ingredients such as Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Arbutine, Vitamin C, and retinol are used in these products.

What Is Skin Brightening?

Skin brightening is all about increasing radiance and restoring life into the skin. Skin brightening products are formulated to remove the dull cells and reveal new, radiant, and glowing skin. These products are mostly an integral part of the skincare routine as they smoothen the skin tone and combat the signs of ageing. Ingredients like Vitamin C, retinol, alpha, and beta hydroxy acids are widely used in these products.

A basic skincare regime can also help you attain glowing skin. Make sure that you cleanse regularly, especially before bed. Night time is when your skin cells are working on your healing, hence, if your skin is clear of dirt and pollution and well-moisturised, it’ll be easier for the new skin cells to work in your favour.

Do not forget to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. For the new, radiant skin to be visible, it is important that dead skin cells are regularly removed off your skin.

Look for brightening skincare ingredients in your moisturiser and make it a habit to apply it every night before you go to bed.

Hydrate. Every good skincare routine will mention hydration as one of the vital steps in the regime. The reason is what a lack of hydration can do to each part of your body. It increases dullness and promotes premature ageing. While if you hydrate enough, your skin will fight well against sun heat and other draining processes.

Consume as many antioxidants as you can in natural forms like in foods and drinks. It is always better to consume nutrients from the inside rather than applying them externally, especially, when you have chemical-induced products. If you cannot eat or drinks these nutrients, shift your focus to Ayurvedic products as they will provide your skin the much-needed glow without triggering any side effects.

Difference Between Glow & Fairness

The difference between skin lightening and brightening is simple but it is easy to be confused as a lot of treatment ingredients overlap for both. Like, AHA and retinol peels can give you both lighter and brighter skin.

Lightening of the skin means reducing pigmentation and brightening means increasing radiance and the glow of the skin. Lightening discolours the skin and evens its tone. Brightening restores the vibrancy and life to the skin.

Everyone wants bright skin that looks glowy, smooth, and happy but not everyone is looking for lighter skin. In fact, whitening the skin beyond your natural colour may increase pigmentation over time.

The best way to have a glowing skin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Be happy, count your blessings, exercise, follow a chemical-free beauty regime, and consume nutrition-rich, antioxidant-rich food. Besides this, always use sunscreen and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. UV rays of the Sun can make your skin dull and lead it to increased discolouration.

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