Why Should You Go For Alcohol-Free Toners?

Why Should You Go For Alcohol-Free Toners?

Do you need a toner and what kind should you be using? We’ve tried to help you out with all there is to know.

Why use a toner?

  • A facial toner removes left over cleanser from the skin and also removes last traces of makeup if any.

  • It helps in de-clogging pores by removing left over dirt and loosens them to prevent them from getting clogged again, thus making the skin smooth and soft to touch.

  • It helps maintain the PH balance of the skin which gets imbalanced due to harsh foaming products and pollution.

  • It protects the skin from minerals and chlorine present in tap water.

  • It moisturises and also helps in healing sun burnt skin.

  • It also helps to keep skin looking younger thus delays skin ageing.

Who should use the toner?

NO matter what your skin type, you should be able to find one. Try using toners formulated without alcohol (see below) especially if you have dry skin. 

When to use a toner?

Toners should be ideally used on cleansed skin before applying other products in your regime. However, some of them come as facial mists/sprays that be used as fresheners to refresh the skin throughout the day. Keep them in your bag and use as often as necessary. These may also be used to remove makeup.

Why ditch alcohol based toners?

Alcohol-based ones, tend to strip the skin’s natural oils, leaving the skin dry and irritated. Alcohol-free toners such as the ones made with floral waters that we have at Just Herbs – are refreshing, nutritive and non-drying.


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