"We Have To Go Back To Our Roots..."

Aakriti Jain, a Delhi-based IT professional, shares with us how she used the Just Herbs skincare routine to battle the effects of pollution on her skin.

Aakriti Jain, who spends long hours in front of the computer owing to her IT job, didn’t have a regular skincare routine till a year ago. She used to keep switching between different brands, and this did take a toll on her skin. Here she talks about how this changed when she got introduced to Just Herbs…

  1. Where did your skincare journey begin?

    Two years ago owing to the Delhi pollution, my skin took a terrible U-turn! It started to develop dry patches. My ‘go-to rescue operation’ was to try various DIYs, which included putting on milk-cream (Malai) onto my face, but then my skin started to break out. It was a really traumatic time as the steps I took to reverse the dullness and pigmentation, led to more problems. My skin condition kept on deteriorating and I developed fine lines on my forehead which I feel was a result of pollution. To deal with changes in my skin, I started to research on skincare products and regimes.

  2. How did you learn about Just Herbs?

    I was surfing the Internet when I stumbled upon this article on Vogue.in that featured a product by Just Herbs. It piqued my interest, though I was skeptical. In the past, I had tried many brands which didn’t really work for me.

  3. What convinced you to finally try Just Herbs?

    I spoke to a skin consultant on WhatsApp who asked for a picture of my bare face without any makeup. She asked me about my skin concerns, skin type, my routine and what not. Later she gave me a regime specifically designed to tackle my skin concerns.

    Owing to the research I had done already, I knew about most of the ingredients used in the products and after further reading, I decided to give Just Herbs a shot. Considering I was already trying so many things, I thought why not try this as well?

  4. What differences did you notice in the skin after using the Just Herbs products?

    So I gave my skin three weeks when I started following the regime.

    In some time, my skin became visibly brighter. The dry patches began to disappear. I noticed a marked improvement in pigmentation as well.

    I had developed two visible fine lines on the forehead and it was only after 8 months of using the Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir Facial Serum that one of the two lines vanished and the other one is a little indistinct now. My skin is, of course, softer and the usual breakouts that I had because of the changing weather have decreased.

  5. Tell us about your present skincare routine?

    I start with CTM the first thing in the morning and make sure that I use the Elixir before I put on anything on my face. I follow it up with the aloe vera gel, a moisturiser and some sunscreen. In case I am putting on makeup, I use Kimsukadi oil as my base, not only because my skin is excessively dry but also because it lends a dewy glow to the face.

    Later in the evening, I either use micellar water or coconut oil to cleanse my face. I also exercise regularly because healthy skin does need a lot of work. Before hitting the gym I massage my face with Kimsukadi Oil so that when my skin sweats, the oil can get absorbed into the pores properly. Post gym, I put on any face pack and just relax before heading for a quick shower. After a bath, I again use Kimsukadi Oil and leave it on my skin for the rest of the evening. Before finally going to bed, I use an anti-ageing night cream.

  6. What are your favourite Just Herbs products?

    Well, I can’t, of course, choose! I am unable to do without all of them. But, my favourites are Silksplash, Green Tea TonerKimsukadi Oil and Elixir serum.

  7. Why is it important to have a regular skincare routine?

    Everything changed when my skin took a U-turn for the worse. I realized my casual approach to skincare regime led to this. Following a skincare routine is extremely important. I’d say start young, at least by 25. I regret not listening to my mother when she would ask me to put on curd on my face and try other home remedies. I learnt it the hard way that the products with synthetic chemicals can do more harm in the long run.

    Don’t use products because they are economical, instead invest in those with good quality ingredients. How you take care of your skin in your 20s will determine how your skin looks post 30. We have to go back to our roots. To nature. To Ayurveda.

  8. What would you advise others?

    With so many brands and skincare lines, it is lovely as a consumer to have that choice. But at the same time, it’s hard to trust anyone because of the paid promotions. How do you know if a product is being endorsed because somebody genuinely likes it or only because the influencer was paid for it? In my case, I did two-month research before investing in Just Herbs.

    It is crucial to understand what suits your skin and what doesn’t. Healthy skin is not just about products but also about loving your skin and taking care of it. There is no other way.


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