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Ayurvedic Skin Care Routine

Have you ever been in a position where you want to begin a skin-care routine, but you find yourself surrounded by a pool of questions like which products are right for your skin? What are the best ... Read more

Ayurvedic Skin Care Routine

Have you ever been in a position where you want to begin a skin-care routine, but you find yourself surrounded by a pool of questions like which products are right for your skin? What are the best skincare products online that are more beneficial than others? In what order should the products be applied for a healthy skin-care routine? And so on.

It is important to have proper knowledge about the skincare products online that you purchase, so you can get the desired glowy and healthy skin. The daily skin care routine consists of the following steps: wash, cure, and massage. You might already know about the 3 common skin-care routine steps, but do you know other steps that are included in a healthy skin-care routine?

Step-by-Step Skin-Care Routine for Healthy Skin-care

Every person has a different skin type, so it is natural that the skin-care routine your friend follows might not be suitable for your skin type. Every day, our skin is exposed to several unavoidable factors that might harm it in the longer run. To avoid this, you must follow a daily skin-care routine. 

Read further to know the step-by-step skin-care routine that will help you get the skin you desire. 

  • Rinse, scrub, and cleanse: Cleansing is the first and foremost step in a healthy skin-care routine. Many cleansers contain lots of chemicals and parabens that might be harsh for your skin and cause breakouts. Therefore, it is recommended that you use those products in your daily skin-care regime that are made from organic and natural ingredients.

  • Toner: The second step in your step-by-step skin-care routine is using toner. Toner is a great way to balance the skin’s ph and shrink the large pores by avoiding the accumulation of sebum, but using a toner is an optional step in the daily skin-care regime. Toners contain salicylic acid that helps heal skin breakouts. Adding herbal and organic toner to your skincare is effective in curing acne. Including a hydrating toner in your anti-aging skin-care routine makes your skin hydrated from within, giving you glowy and healthy skin.

  • Serum: The third step in the skin-care routine steps is using a serum. It is essential to include serums in your daily skin-care routine as they easily penetrate the skin and help you fight various skin issues like hyperpigmentation, uneven complexion, dark spots, etc. While purchasing skincare products online, India, it is important to make sure the products do not contain any harmful chemicals as they might affect the natural skin tone and skin health.

  • Eye Cream: We tend to forget the skin near the eyes is sensitive and often ends up avoiding the area. Eye cream is a perfect addition to your anti-ageing skin-care routine as it helps in curing fine lines and dark circles that make your face look dull and old.

  • Moisturizer: After you have cleaned and treated your skin, the next step to include In your healthy skin-care regime is to nourish the skin to help it retain the moisture. Moisturizers help keep your skin hydrated and strengthen the skin, so it acts as a barrier to unavoidable elements like sun exposure, pollution, dirt, and dust. 

  • Sunscreen: Sun exposure is one of the main reasons that lead to people's skin ageing prematurely. Therefore, including sunscreen in your anti-ageing skin-care routine is highly effective as it protects the skin from harmful UV radiations and several other factors. A sunscreen of SPF-30 or higher is recommended for everyday use as it protects the skin from UV rays.

Just Herbs' Herbal and Natural Skin Care Products

Read further to know the exciting products that we have shortlisted to include in your skincare routine: 

6 step organic skincare regime for normal/dry skin: The skincare kit by Just Herbs contains products that meet all the skin-care routine steps.  The products in the kit are expertly prepared with the use of cold-pressed oils, butter, and organic waxes that help in maintaining healthy skin, nourishment and aids in retaining the overall glow of the skin. This skincare kit is best suited for people who have normal to dry skin.

6 step organic skincare regime for oily/combination skin: the next kit of skincare products online, India, is specially formulated for people who have oily and combination skin. This kit from just herbs does not use cream-based products and depends specifically on cooling gels and light-textured products that are effective in maintaining an overall glow and nourishment for oily skin.

 Just herbs’ is one of the leading online portals renowned for using 100% natural and organic ingredients in their hair and skincare products online. The products made by just herbs do not contain any chemicals and harsh substances that might harm your skin and is beneficial in curing various skin ailments like acne, dark spots, breakouts, hyperpigmentation, etc. 

Men Should Also Take Good Care of Their Skin

Skincare regimes are not gender-specific and it can be done by both women and men. Men's skincare also totally depends on the skin type they are having and at the same time, it depends on the skin issues they face on a daily basis. Skin types in men may be dry, oily, combinational, and sensitive. Each and even skin type has its own set of pros and cons. 

One of the basic skincare regime for men of any skin type are cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. The cleanser helps in gently removing the dirt and pollutants that are accumulated into your skin. If you have normal-dry skin, use a skincare regime that has face washes that are creamier in texture, so that they don't dry out your skin. Also, you can prefer balm or oil-based cleansing too. If you have oily skin type, using gel-based cleansers will help in maintaining the oil levels naturally available in the skin without drying out. Moisturizer helps in providing extra nourishment and hydration instead of making them dry and flaky.

Dry skin people can prefer thick cream-based moisturizers, while oily skin type people can prefer gel or water-based moisturizers. Sunscreen is mandatory since they help in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays emitted. There are different sunscreens available in the market like physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen, and many more. But be wise and choose the one that is chemical free, has natural ingredients and suits your skin better and try to include that in your skincare routine.

6 Step Skin Care Regimes For Men

Most of the men don’t usually have any skincare routine. They suffered with so many skin issues but do not know how to cure them. Well, Just Herbs has the solution for all the men out there. You can choose your 6 step skincare regime according to your skin type and need not to worry about those pesky skin issues anymore. A total herbal skincare regime includes - face wash, scrub, massage cream, face pack, lotion and face brightening cream.

It’s a big step to jump into a routine, we know! No worries, with Just Herbs daily skincare routine trial kit for normal/dry skin and for oily/combination skin. You can do the test trials and then if you like how your skin feels after using it you can order a full pack 6 step skincare regime. It's as simple as that.

Simple Tips That Work on Skin Issues:

  •  Vitamin C (pigmentation), Hyaluronic acid (nourishment), Alpha arbutin (colour discolouration), might be extra products that help in working on particular men's skincare problems. Men with dry skin can use oils like rosehip oil for extra nourishment. 
  • Toners are not the mandatory part of skincare. You can choose them based on your type. If you are having dry skin, using toners and serum will help in keeping your skin hydrated. If you are having oily skin, using products which have ingredients like neem, tulsi, etc. will help to calm your skin. Sensitive skin people should be extremely careful before choosing products since they react immediately if it is not suiting their skin. 
  • It is always better to do a patch test on the elbows or neck before directly using the products on your skin.
  • Sensitive or Acne-Prone skin should be careful before incorporating skincare products. Make sure to check the ingredients list and only use them after knowing the products will not react.


  • What happens if you don't do your skincare routine?

    Ans: If you don't do your skincare routine, your skin becomes dry, rough, gry and dull. The lack of moisture in the skin inhibits collagen production which causes wrinkles as well as age spots on the face or body, leads to premature skin ageing. It's important for people to maintain healthy skin care routine so they can keep their skin looking fresh and young.

  • Is it bad to keep changing skincare?

    Ans: It is not bad to change skincare products. In fact, it's a good idea to do so depending on your skin's natural changes. For example, if you start experiencing more breakouts or find that your skin is dryer than usual, you may want to switch up products and use something with higher moisture content. Conversely, if your skin tends to be oily then it would benefit from using a product that will help control the excess oil production.

    The key is being aware of how your skin behaves and reacting accordingly with the right kind of product for each stage in life - whether that means adjusting what you use during adolescence (when hormones are fluctuating) or later on when wrinkles become more visible.

  • How do I know if my skincare routine is working?

    Ans: You can tell if your skincare routine is working if you feel your skin is soft, smooth, no skin problems, no dryness & itchiness, Your skin’s pH balance is good, the skin is perfectly hydrated and ideally there are no complaints about your skin. 

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