The Perfect Skincare Guideline for Men

The Perfect Skincare Guideline for Men

The journey of discovering skincare transcends our physical appearance. In other words, it's a journey into our minds and our sense of self. You can pamper yourself from the inside out by following a beauty regimen. As a daily act of self-care, your skincare routine can also lead to visible results in your appearance along with calming and grounding your mind. Why, then, should it only apply to one gender? From pimples and acne to spots and wrinkles, men also suffer from similar skin-related issues. There is, however, a lack of proper information and guidance on men's skincare.

Let’s Look Into Some of the Most Common Skincare Mistakes Made by Men

1. Over-Scrubbing or Over-Washing Your Face:

It may not be the best idea to scrub your face with soap laced with harsh chemicals. It will strip your skin of the natural oils that keep it healthy and glowing. Instead, use herbal cleansers and exfoliators to remove dirt from your face without damaging it. 

Just Herbs Product Recommendation: 

Try our livelyclean honey exfoliating face cleansing gel, a lightweight exfoliator with arjuna, symplocos bark, and jojoba meal to remove dead skin cells and, honey to hydrate the skin. 

Our Silksplash Rehydrant Face Wash is also one of our best-selling products. It prevents dust from sticking to the skin while retaining its inherent moisture.

2. Using Over the Counter Drugstore Products Packed With Harsh Chemicals:

Most commonly available products in the market, claiming to be made especially 'for men', come in steel gray containers and are overpowered by a musky smell. It does not make a skincare product more effective to put the gender on it. New York dermatologist Dr. Anthony Rossi says moisturizers don't need to be gendered like toothpaste doesn't. 

3. Pay Attention to Hydration:

Moisturizing is the most important step in skincare. Often, people assume that individuals with dry skin should moisturize, but this is not true. If you do not moisturize and hydrate oily skin, it can lead to an increase in oil production and ultimately lead to acne outbreaks.

Just Herbs Product Recommendation: 

Our Silk skin Indian aloe Ginseng aloe vera moisturizing cream is a deeply moisturizing, rich-textured night cream that keeps skin replenished, renewed, and cushioned. The anti-inflammatory action of Aloe Vera, Indian Ginseng, and Holy Basil protects from free radical damage to reveal a soft, supple, and rejuvenated skin.

4. Do Not Skip Sunscreen:

According to a recently conducted survey, it was found that women are three times more likely to use sunscreen than men. Only 18% of men regularly use sunscreen before going out on a warm and sunny day for more than an hour. This can cause grave harm to their skin. Regular use of sunscreen reduces the risk of developing skin cancer by 50%. Apart from that it also protects from age spots, wrinkles, leathery and withered skin. Moreover, men are more likely to get skin cancer than women, including melanoma, the deadliest kind.

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Just Herbs Product Recommendation: 

Our Sun’nil Jojoba-Grapeseed Moisturising Sun Protection Lotion is an ideal herbal sunscreen for normal and dry skin with 2-in-1 broad-spectrum physical sun protection. It moisturizes your skin and also protects it against both UVA and UVB rays. This sunscreen leaves no 'white cast' and is ideal for those looking to find the best sunscreen which is both safe to use and provides effective protection against the sun. 

5. Toning:

A healthy skincare routine consists of three steps: cleaning, toning, and moisturizing. Toning is often overlooked, especially in men's skincare routines. Toning your skin helps calm and balance it and prepare it for moisturizing. Maintaining a healthy pH balance results in glowing, nourished skin. It keeps you looking young for longer periods without making you look exhausted from stress, pollutants, or the ageing process.

Just Herbs Product Recommendation: 

The Steam Distilled Rose Water Facial Mist from our line of toners is our customer’s favorite. It is a liquid that is steam-distilled to make it 100% natural, pristine and pure. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the redness of irritated skin, help get rid of acne, and clean clogged pores.

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