Everyday Skincare Routine For Men

Everyday Skincare Routine For Men

Looking for an easy-to-follow skincare routine for men? You are not alone! The lack of a proper men’s skincare routine is problematic for several individuals who want to arrest their skin problems while attaining glowing and beautiful skin. It is a misconception  that a face care routine for men has to be complicated and time-consuming. Most men suffer from such wrong notions and hence, skin care has limited space in their lives. They only use shower gels and body sprays most times or simply shave and freshen up.

However, it should be known  that a good skin care routine for men can work wonders in terms of enhancing natural beauty tips for men, keeping them away from skin stress, and a host of other issues, and also making them look younger and fresher all the time! If you are on the lookout for a good skin care for men routine, make sure that you look for products and steps to follow based on your specific skin care needs, i.e. a men’s skincare routine oily skin or regular skin and so on.

Here is a simple regime that will help you stay on track towards achieving men’s face glow naturally - Exfoliation 2-3 times every week for 30 seconds, Cleansing Daily for 30 seconds, Serum Daily for 10 seconds, and Moisturizing Daily for 10 seconds. That is all it takes to make the best skin care routine for men work successfully with the best results.

Steps for a suitable skincare regime for men

  • Exfoliation: Exfoliation helps in removal of dirt, dead skin cells and sebum from your skin. The deep cleansing by an exfoliating product will penetrate into the skin pores and unblock impurities that lie deep inside the skin as well as stop any blockages which could lead to issues like blackheads and cystic spots. There are mostly chemical and abrasive exfoliators available in the market. (If you have skin that is sensitive and easily prone to irritation, make use of a chemical exfoliant for sensitive skin in place of a skin scrub.) This should be massaged for 30 seconds while washing the face or showering. Massage with the exfoliant, emphasizing on problem zones prior to washing it away. Exfoliating 2-3 times every week is par for the course although men with oily skin can exfoliate more often.

  • Cleansing: This is the most crucial part of your daily skin care regime. Your skin is exposed to bacteria, dirt and impurities throughout the day while generating sebum which builds on the skin surface. Cleansing will take care of this issue, helping in combating clogged skin pores and breakouts. Apply the cleanser carefully to damp skin when you wake up in the morning or immediately after exfoliating. Gently massage it into the skin and then wash it off. The entire process should take a maximum of 30 seconds.

  • Serum: Serums are lightweight and convenient while being nifty additions to your daily skin care routine. They will help you in getting ample skin care benefits in low doses as well. Apply between cleansing and moisturization of the skin on a daily basis and this will help you combat signs of aging or blemishes.

  • Moisturizing: Moisturizing will help in bringing back hydration while firming up the skin and replacing lost nutrients and moisture that is lost during exfoliation and cleansing. Moisturizing will form a protective layer over your skin, helping keep dirt away and guarding against any bacteria. The volume of moisturizer is dependent upon the type of your skin and the ongoing season. If you have oily skin, use smaller amounts, and work it evenly into your skin. Using excessive moisturizer may lead to breakouts and oiliness, so you should be extra careful. If your skin is drier, make sure you have enough moisturizer to hydrate your skin properly. You can increase moisturizer in the winter months since low temperatures lead to slower sebum production and skin can get dry more often.

Make sure that you consider SPF and SPF moisturizers for use during the day when exposed to the sun. Sun damage is a major cause behind ageing of the skin and also of more serious issues in the long run. Use SPF or SPF moisturizer before venturing out of the house for best skin protection. Blemishes happen to everyone but these small measures should help you  combat the same in the best way possible. While there is almost nothing that can guarantee a spotless future (pun intended!) but you can do your best to prepare for the same. If you can trying to get rid of old acne scars and spots, , be sure to  choose the right blemish control treatment. This will work as a quick fix that you may  need at various stages in your life.

Caring for your beard also forms a large part of facial skin care.  That is,  if you have one! Keep all facial hair absolutely clean and suitably hydrated with beard balms, shampoos and conditioners and use  beard oil when needed if it works  well for your skin. These tips will help you embrace a more sustainable skin care regime while enabling you to achieve naturally glowing and beautiful skin in the future.

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