The Beauty Secrets Of Model Arshia Ahuja

The Beauty Secrets Of Model Arshia Ahuja

Here’s a sneak peek into the beauty diary of top model Arshia and the tips and tricks she uses to maintain a glowing complexion.

She sashays the ramps with just as much ease with which she slips into comic cameos in the hugely popular Idiva web series. Would it surprise you if we mentioned that the gorgeous cover girl of India’s leading magazines (Grazia, Marie Claire and Maxim) once suffered from stage fright so severe that she used to start shaking when on the ramp? Meet Indian supermodel Arshia Ahuja who in recent times has cast a spell on the runways with her confidence and panache. What’s refreshing is that despite being in a job where she is supposed to look ‘perfect’ for the camera, she feels perfection is passé. To her beauty is not about being picture perfect but being comfortable in your skin! Go on her Instagram feed and it’s a delight to watch her balance the haute couture supermodel persona with chic street style. Interesting secrets tumble out in our freewheeling conversation on skincare, beauty and life…

What does beauty mean to you?

Arshia Ahuja: Beauty to me means more than just features that one is born with. It is about the style with which you carry yourself. To me, wearing clothes that make you look attractive and talking with manners are two critical facets of being beautiful. Being a likeable person is more beautiful than just perfect features.

What are the challenges of being in an industry where you are valued for your looks?

Arshia Ahuja: It really surprises me sometimes how people talk about us (models) and our bodies when they themselves are not even close to being perfect. (Read her article where she came forward and took digs at those who body shame models went viral) I mostly just ignore unwanted remarks, but if someone is too nasty I know how to shut them up as well. I think it takes time to get comfortable in your own skin. When I was 17 stretch marks bothered me. Now I’ve accepted them and if anyone says anything about my skin or legs or arms or whatever it doesn’t bother me anymore.

How is a model’s idea of beauty similar to that of the girl-next-door?

Arshia Ahuja:  I think as models because we are exposed to trends and designer wear, we tend to be more style conscious than a regular girl. But it’s all about practice and dressing smartly. Don’t follow trends blindly, but only those that look good on you. As models, we have an edge as we exactly know what looks good or bad on our bodies. It’s all about awareness which can be inculcated. For instance, when I’m dressing up I know what kind of silhouette suits me. I wouldn’t go to a bodycon if I have a food baby (bloated feeling) that day. I would probably wear some high-waisted flared trousers and a crop top or bodysuit.

How does your profession shape your idea of being beautiful?

Arshia Ahuja: The profession has opened my eyes to a lot of things. It’s all about soaking in what fashion has to offer. Recently I did a show where the designer collaborated with a furniture company and that’s how I noticed newer styles of furniture and home decor. So yes, what I do obviously affects my lifestyle. Also being in the fashion industry, I do take proper care of my body. I eat better, I am religious about skincare and it reflects on the way I look. I am often told that I look younger than my friends from school! Looking after oneself is not vanity. It is the biggest gift that you give to yourself. Being a model has taught me that beauty is hard work (laughs) and the idea of being beautiful is to love oneself and do everything for your own body.

You have been the face of many designer collections. How do you look after your face?

Arshia Ahuja: So the truth is that my skincare regime keeps changing because of my volatile skin. I tend to break out in a second. I have really, really reduced my sugar intake from what it was. I hate drinking water but still, I try to drink two litres of water a day to flush out the toxins. I usually have lemon water or green tea when I’m working. I start the morning by washing my face with a gentle face cleanser. Then I tone my face. Depending on the weather I put a light moisturizer. If it’s too hot, I don’t bother because my skin tends to get too oily. I use the Just Herbs Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir as a moisturiser sometimes because it’s light. If I have worn any make-up I remove it after work with an oil-based cleanser. Post this I again cleanse and tone my face. In summers, I use Vitamin C products on my under eye region and face at night. In winters I prefer retinol-based products as they are more hydrating.

Is there any DIY beauty remedy which has been passed on by your mum to you?

Arshia Ahuja: As I was growing up, I started sprouting lots of acne, which my whole family never had. To treat that inside out, my mom made me drink these disgusting bitter gourd, Aloe Vera, carrot and spinach juices. Whatever she could juice she would make me drink. But it didn’t help. I did put all sorts of jazz on my face like honey lime, neem, blah blah but nothing helped. Sometimes you just need to wait things out. Although I must say when I go out of India my face really clears up also. Another lifestyle change that has really worked for me is abstaining from sugar.

How do you tackle the skincare perils which actors and models have to face?

Arshia Ahuja: Make-up hygiene or rather lack of it inflicts most in the showbiz. It’s not uncommon for some make-up artists not to wash brushes. So your skin is susceptible not just to bacteria on the brushes but also if the tools are not sterilized then it can transfer someone’s skin infection as well. We use make-up on shoots and ramps and sometimes not all products to suit everyone. I prefer taking my base and make-up brushes in case it’s a new product or something that doesn’t suit me.

What’s your cleansing strategy to take the layers of make-up from your face?

Arshia Ahuja: I just use either a cleansing lotion or micellar water, and then I wash my face two-three times and finally apply toner.

During the fashion weeks, models pick up some amazing beauty tips. What’s your favourite one?

Arshia Ahuja: That one should use colour correctors to cover marks or dark circles.

What do you consider before trying a skincare product?

Arshia Ahuja: I like to find out what goes into the skincare product. I look at the ingredients. I usually buy skincare which fights acne. I don’t prefer radiance products because they make my skin too oily. I read the labels and buy cruelty-free skincare and formulations that have less synthetic chemicals.

Which is your favourite beauty product?

Arshia Ahuja: My favourite product is the Just Herbs Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir Facial Serum. I find most serums as sticky but I love that this one has a water-light texture. I use it as a moisturiser almost every day. I usually used to avoid moisturisers in summer but I can use this one with ease in the crazy humidity in Mumbai!

Who is your role model when it comes to being beautiful?

Arshia Ahuja: I don’t really have a role model. There are lots of girls with perfect skin so I honestly don’t relate to them. Even my family everyone has great skin so I only relate to my own struggles (laughs).

We love your sense of humour in the Idiva series. How close is it to you in real life?

Arshia Ahuja: For the Idiva videos I usually just do a cameo once in a while but it is super fun. The girls are very talented because are so good in their characters. Everyone says I’m funny in general. I’m always making stupid jokes and comments because if you can’t laugh at anything then life can be really mundane.

Arshia Ahuja: Beauty Bytes

  • Best beauty secret…
    Less is more.

  • Your day begins with...
    Avene Cleansing Gel Face Wash.

  • Good night beauty product…
    Vit C Eye Serum.

  • All time favorite...
    Just Herbs Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir Facial Serum.

  • For an instant high…
    Eros by Versace. It’s for men’s but I love it.

  • Always with you…
    Crema, dark chicory barista ut siphon, bar a cup as bar brewed. Arabica turkish cinnamon, latte medium a milk variety grinder doppio whipped. Strong white mug acerbic chicory skinny robusta.

  • Favourite fragrance…
    Crema, dark chicory barista ut siphon, bar a cup as bar brewed. Arabica turkish cinnamon, latte medium a milk variety grinder doppio whipped. Strong white mug acerbic chicory skinny robusta.

  • Flying companions…
    I never fly without a face mask, preferably a mud mask.


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