Here's Some Expert Advice To Get Radiant Skin

Here's Some Expert Advice To Get Radiant Skin

Little girls usually put on make-up as a part of playing dress up, but she aspired to become a make-up artist. Because she was taken by the power of make-up to transform faces. Meet celebrity make-up artist Vidya Tikari, who has worked on celebrities like Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra to name a few. She shares a page from her beauty book especially for readers of JH Edit.

What would be your advice to the girl-next-door to look her glam best?

Vidya Tikari:Anyone can add colour to a face but knowing “How-to” and “When-to” takes a professional eye. To transform your face, you must know your face. That less is more is the first rule of make-up. My advice is to recognize your best feature and then use minimal products to enhance them. Whatever used has to be of good quality, that’s imperative. This makes application smooth and the make-up stays on for longer.

Best tip to look gorgeous…

Vidya Tikari:Being a make-up artist, a face is my canvas. I always tell my clients to invest time and money in a good skincare regime. Smooth skin is your base, and if the base is not healthy, the efficacy of make-up products will be considerably limited. A dedicated skincare regime and a healthy lifestyle help you give that glow from inside out. I also advise my closest clients to start using anti-ageing products or schedule cosmetic procedures as and when required.

What is the skincare regime that you follow every day?

Vidya Tikari: I believe in thorough cleansing. I start by cleaning my face first with Seasoul Makeup Melt 3 in1 Cleansing Balm whose cream-to-oil formula gently dissolves dirt, oil and waterproof make-up. Then I follow it with Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Ayurvedic Face Wash that gently removes the last traces of dust, grime and make-up residue, yet retaining the inherent moisture of the skin. The moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties of sandalwood and calendula calm and prep my skin. The next step is to apply a serum (Perenne serum) and sunscreen (Avene with SPF 50). I always use a facial mist after this for that dewy, fresh look.

You recently imparted tips and tricks at an event ‘Fab at 50 and beyond’. Can you share some with our readers?

Vidya Tikari: Take care of your skin as it ages. You can use a good serum. It could also be an anti-ageing procedure such as Botox or filler, anything that the dermatologist suggests. Skin changes throughout our lives and we need to keep changing products to meet its needs. During 20-35 the skin is oilier and younger so bright, pigmented colours work well. As you move into your 40s, you require formulations with medium coverage to smoothen fine lines and uneven skin tone. Beyond 50 the minimal make-up is recommended – enhancing the brows, little bit of liner, blush, mascara and a fresh colour on the lips.

What’s the natural DIY that you swear by?

Vidya Tikari: I blend some masoor dal with oats, honey and milk to make a nourishing scrub at home. Additionally, I find tomato and lemon quite effective on my pigmentation. I also use malai to moisturise but that’s very seldom.

What do you think of Just Herbs as a brand?

Vidya Tikari: I love the fact that Just Herbs is as natural as it is and how most of the products can be customized using natural foods such as milk, honey, lemon juice and water. I vouch for the Just Herbs Tender Touch Body Radiance Oil. This miracle oil removes tanning and gives a natural glow. Greatly recommended for Indian weather!

How can we glow every day?

Vidya Tikari: Take some cues from bridal make-up techniques. The biggest misconception about bridal make-up is that it needs to be more sparkly and brighter. This is not true. A bride can be subtle and still make an impact. The differentiating factor is that the make-up is waterproof and is, therefore, longer lasting. The way we prep the face with serums and facial oils before using foundation also adds to the overall sheen. I recommend cleansing with Just Herbs face wash and applying nourishing creams to give the skin clear and vibrant texture.


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