Beauty secrets of actor Roshni Chopra

Beauty secrets of actor Roshni Chopra

Roshni Chopra’s Instagram handle describes her as an ‘Actor, Presenter & Creator’. But Chopra wears many more hats. This mother of two is also an entrepreneur. She runs a very successful clothing line in partnership with her sister. In her personal life, her motto is to be as close to nature as possible, whether it is about eating or taking care of her skin. Chopra regularly shares her new skin-finds’ with her friends and followers on social media. Her recent review of Just Herbs Sapta Jal, Ayurvedic Micellar Water thrilled the team at Just Herbs. In a free-wheeling conversation with Aparrna Gupta, she reveals a page from her beauty diary.

Your skin glows… literally glows, whether on the reel or in real life. What’s your secret?

Roshni Chopra: I took my skin for granted in my 20s. I only started paying attention to it after my first child was born! It’s quite simple actually. It’s all about what you eat and what you feed your skin. I try to eat organic, avoid chemicals in my beauty regime and make it a point to drink loads of water. But most importantly, I try to think happy thoughts and that helps! 

Growing up, what did beauty mean to you?

Roshni Chopra: Beauty meant celebrating, accepting and to an extent also pampering myself. I derive the much needed ‘me-time’ from my beauty rituals. I’ve grown up with strong women, who taught me that natural is beautiful. Perhaps that’s why I am a big DIY junkie who believes in the power of natural ingredients. My favourite DIY remedy for hair has to be aloe vera as it’s really a magic ingredient. For the face, haldi works like magic. A pinch of turmeric in curd-besan ubtan or milk and honey face mask really helps to brighten the complexion!

Did being an actor change your skincare routine?

Roshni Chopra: Since I am required to face the camera for work there are some things I am more particular about now. Taking off make-up is a big one! No matter how tired I am, I never ever skip this. I use organic coconut oil to remove make-up followed by a gentle face wash. I also love the Ayurvedic Micellar Water by Just Herbs. I feel exfoliation plays a big part in skincare when you’re constantly wearing make-up. But the trick is to let the skin breathe on an off day!

What’s your secret to looking glamorous on screen?

Roshni Chopra: For a role, make-up and styling play a huge part. In real life, I feel confidence is a great accessory. I find people who are well- groomed and comfortable in their skin to be very glamorous.

On the sets, actors pick up some amazing beauty tips. What has been your greatest ‘beauty’ learning?

Roshni Chopra: Less is more. If you have good skin you need less make-up and you look more like yourself and more beautiful. How you prep your skin with the right skin care is important. For instance, if you have an important event, apply a sheet mask the night before to get that dewy, nourishing texture. I completely rely on generous sprays of chilled rose water to wake up my skin. It really tightens the skin and leaves the pores much smaller.

Do you like experimenting with new brands or you stick to your favourites?

Roshni Chopra: I am skincare junkie! I think I buy more than I can use, and I love mixing them up as well. But when I find something that really works for me I’ll hold onto that product forever and recommend it to everyone I know. Before trying out a new product, I consider the brand philosophy, the ingredients and the reviews.

Do you give preference to beauty products derived from nature?

Roshni Chopra: Absolutely! The theory of what you put on your skin gets absorbed by the body speaks to me. The fewer chemicals we put in our system, the cleaner it will be, and the more it will glow naturally.

Which is your Just Herbs’ favourite product?

Roshni Chopra: Currently, I’m in love with the Elixir serum. I use it every morning and I feel it really wakes my skin up.

Describe your dream skincare product…

Roshni Chopra: If I had a genie to invent a skincare product for me, I would ask for an all-in-one, easy-to-carry hydration that’s light and yet nutritious for the skin. Of course, it will come in a bottle that we can refill (to reduce the carbon footprint)!

What’s your biggest beauty/skincare challenge?

Roshni Chopra: I think I’ve mastered carrying a beauty SOS pouch at all times to deal with my travels and erratic work things. My only challenge would be finding a sunscreen that I actually like! I hate sunscreen and everyone says it’s really important.

What are your top three skincare lessons?

Roshni Chopra:

  • Drink water.
  • Feed your skin as you would feed your mind.
  • And have fun with beauty. Sometimes when I do DIY masks I put them on my husband too. It becomes a game

Roshni Chopra: Beauty Bytes


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