Which Cleanser & Moisturiser Is Actually Good For Your Skin?

Which Cleanser & Moisturiser Is Actually Good For Your Skin?

As the sun goes down after a long day and bedtime approaches, nothing feels quite as relaxing as cleansing your face. Your skin feels the same calmness when you moisturise it. Removing the traces of pollution, makeup, and dirt from your face and feeding your skin with the right amount of hydration allows the skin to breathe and restore itself. The cleaner your skin is, the easier it will be for your skincare products to penetrate it deeply and reap more benefits. Cleansing and moisturising are way more essential than all the serums and youth-enhancing creams you invest in. However, it is also important that you choose the right type of facial cleansers and moisturisers based on the type of your skin. With so many options in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right fit but if you understand the type of your skin and the type of cleanser and moisturiser that it can benefit from, the filtering process becomes easier.

Types of Skin

There are five different types of skin and knowing which one you have can make your life so much easier. It’ll assist you in selecting the right makeup and skincare products all your life. Your skin can reap amazing benefits from the products without facing the side effects, especially, chemical-free products. So, before buying any beauty products, your first step should be to determine what your skin type is.

Oily skin: Your skin secretes oil to keep the skin moisturised but oily skin releases excess oil, especially if the skin pores are bigger. The bigger the pores, the more active oil glands will be. This will make your skin more prone to breakouts and acne. In such a case, you must use lighter moisturisers and cleansers that are water-based.

#JHTip: Use products with natural ingredients such as Neem Chandan Skin Purifying Face Cleanser and hyaluronic acid in it as it helps the skin to retain its natural moisture without making it greasy.

Dry skin: When your oil gland produces less oil, your skin lacks hydration. Your skin often looks dull and dry and is mostly covered with a layer of dead skin cells. Many factors such as sun exposure, over-exfoliating, and hot showers can lead to dry skin.

#JHTip: It is wise to hydrate dry skin as much as possible by using creamier products like Just Herbs Dry Skin Essentials.

Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is prone to inflammation. People with sensitive skin have acne and red, itchy rashes. This skin type experiences burning sensations and stinging more often. There are a few ingredients that can make sensitive skin overreact causing irritation. It also gets easily affected by alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, and stress. Most mass-produced beauty products are not suitable for sensitive skin. Hence, it is best to only use ayurvedic, natural, or chemical-free products.

Combination skin: There is no set definition for combination skin. For some, their skin type changes seasonally. At times, the forehead and nose area is more oily and the rest of the face is dry. You can actually use different products for different areas like under-eye, forehead, and cheeks if you have combination skin. Just Herbs Combination Skin Essentials is one such package that will help you take care of your T-zone, forehead, and cheek-area accordingly.

Normal skin: Normal skin produces just enough sebum to hydrate the skin. Neither too much like oily skin, nor too less like dry skin. The best products for normal skin would be the ones that do not have ingredients that can overreact and create imbalance. Use chemical-free, herbal products to safeguard your skin instead of inclining towards mass-produced, and highly advertised products.

Types of Cleansers

When your cleanser is in tune with your skin type, the chances that your skin is feeling relaxed increase even after a long, hard day under the sun and pollution. We have made a list of all the types of cleansers that are good for you according to your skin type.

Gel cleansers: Gel cleansers have gel-like consistency and are clear. Designed for exfoliating and deep cleansing, these are perfect for cleaning clogged pores, destroying acne-causing bacteria, and removing excess oil.

Good for: Oily and combination skin

Cream cleansers: Cream cleansers have a thick and creamy consistency. They are mostly packed with moisturising ingredients and can come in the form of milk or lotion. One of our favourites is Deep Cleansing Lotion that is packed with nourishing ingredients. They gently cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

Good for: Sensitive and dry skin

Foam cleansers: These are lightweight cleansers that are available in cream and gel form which converts into a foamy lather once in rubbed on the skin. Foam cleansers are formulated to remove excess oil.

Good for: Oily and combination skin

Oil cleansers: Oil cleansers gently remove the pore-clogging debris, even waterproof makeup, without causing dryness on the skin. If you have oily skin, these cleansers may promote breakouts but oil cleansers work well with dry and combination skin.

Good for: Dry, combination, and sensitive skin

Clay cleansers: Clay cleansers purify your skin by extracting the toxins and excess oil from your pores. They’re known for their absorbing capacity.

Good for: Oily and combination skin

Micellar cleansers: Micellar water is a French baby that originated when the country was facing water issues. It was invented for cleansing makeup. Micelles present in micellar water attracts oil, dirt, and makeup from the skin. You don’t even have to rinse them off using water which makes them easy-to-use and carry.

Good for: Dry and sensitive skin

Powder cleansers: Powder cleansers are in powder form when dry and they become creamy as they come in contact with water. They clean your skin while providing gentle exfoliation. Powder cleansers may contain ingredients like chickpea flour or rice starch which are good for the skin.

Good for: Oily and sensitive skin

Bar cleansers: Bar cleansers have not been in the spotlight for the longest as their liquid counterparts were seen as a more hygienic option. However, these cleansing bars are skin-friendly and luxurious. They are nutrient-rich, highly moisturising with ingredients like glycerin and essential oils. Not only are they good for your skin but also for the planet as their packaging materials are more Earth-friendly than the plastic packaging of liquid cleansers.

Good for: Oily and combination skin

Cloths, wipes, and sponge cleansers: Cleanser like muslin cloths, konjac sponges, kessa mitts, and so on are made of special fibres which are mostly plant-derived. While using these cleansers for removing the impurities and dead skin cells, you don’t always require the other traditional cleansers.   

Good for: Oily and combination skin

Types of Skin Moisturisers

Oil moisturisers for oily skin can cause acne and water-based moisturisers can make your dry skin feel thirsty. Hence, it is important for you to find the perfect match to pamper your skin.

Gel moisturisers: Needs of combination skin change with the area, hence, it is a challenge to find the right moisturiser for it. The best moisturiser for a combination skin would be the one that can hydrate well without leaving grease on the face. Gel moisturisers can provide long-lasting hydration and restore the sense of freshness for the skin without promoting oil secretion.

Good for: Combination and sensitive skin

Antioxidant moisturisers: Your skin needs protection from UV rays and pollution on a regular basis. Antioxidant moisturisers are formulated to do that. Vitamin C and E present in these moisturisers can gently heal your skin while fighting free radicals that accelerate the process of skin ageing.

Good for: Normal and sensitive skin

BB cream: With oily skin, you need a moisturiser that can mattify it. Oil-free BB cream can help regulate the excess oil on your skin and even out the tone for a shine-free glow. It can further protect your skin from harmful UV rays as it contains SPF. 

Good for: Oily skin

Night cream: Night creams are formulated to moisturize your skin overnight when your skin is working on restoring itself. A hydrating night cream infused with essential oils and hyaluronic acid can help in reducing the premature signs of ageing. 

Good for: Dry skin


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