The Post-Workout Skin Routine… Explained!

The Post-Workout Skin Routine… Explained!

Everything You Need To Know About Post Workout Skin Routine

Time and again, we read multiple articles online that talk about the post-workout glow. Yes, it’s true. A good sweaty workout not only makes sure you have healthy glowing skin but also gives helps your body look good. While we all know how important it is to work out on a regular basis, we tend to miss out on the aftermath it has on our skin. Exercising sure has all the health benefits, however, if you don’t take care of your skin, the sweat and dirt can actually cause you to break out. Leaving sweat on your body and face for a long time can get in your pores and attract bacteria causing dead skin cells. 

But don’t worry, ladies, we have broken down the most accurate and efficient skincare routine for you that will give you glowing skin after every workout. 

First things first, what does a good workout do to your skin?

We all know that a good sesh at the gym or a quick run outdoors gives you glowing skin. But how? What else does it do to your skin? Well, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Read on to know more!

While these are the positive effects of workout on your skin, here are some negative impacts that you might want to know too!

Outdoor workouts can actually damage your skin due to the harmful radiations from the sun

If you love a stress-free outdoor workout or simply a run, a good sunscreen lotion goes a long way. We recommend the Nosun Jojoba-Wheatgerm Moisturising Sun Protection Gel which is not only light on your skin but can also protect you from the harmful UV radiations. If you’re someone who is not comfortable with a sun protection gel then you can also go for Sun’nil Jojoba-Grapeseed Moisturising Sun Protection Lotion which is equally effective. 

Workout can sometimes cause chafing or rashes on different parts of your body

Chafing often results from the excessive rubbing of skin and rashes tend to occur due to the moisture build-up in certain areas on your skin. The best way to deal with is to use a face mist to get rid of any excess moisture on your face. You can also use a skin toner to get rid of all the sweat post-workout. We recommend the Pomegranate Mandarin Pore Refining Tonique which can also help people with enlarged pores. It is always good to invest in a good face mist which will be a blessing during the summer season. The Steam Distilled Rose Water Facial Mist can be a great investment for people who are always on the go.

Skipping a post-workout shower can actually result in the build-up of acne

Even if you remove all your makeup and don’t sweat that often, it is very important that you shower immediately after a good workout. When sweat sits on your body for too long, it attracts bacteria if not properly rinsed off. This, in turn, results in acne. Malabar Lemon Grass - Invigorating Body Wash will be your perfect pick for a fresh and rejuvenating shower that can not only heal your post-workout skin but can also leave you feeling fresh all day long. 

Exercise can also cause scalp issues in some

Sweat on your scalp can sometimes lead to irritation and itchiness. In fact, the more oily one’s scalp is, the more likely it is for the yeast to grow there. This could cause dandruff in the long run. It is best to use an antidandruff herbal shampoo to keep this worry away. Dandruff Control Ayurvedic Soya Protein Shampoo made with soy protein and neem can nourish your scalp and will keep dandruff at bay.

Pre and post-workout skin care tips that will totally come in handy

Pre-workout skincare

Never forget to wash your face with a gentle herbal face wash to get rid of makeup or moisture on your face. Use a light moisturiser if you’re working out indoors, or sunblock if you’re going out for a run. This is a mandatory skincare ritual that will make your skin look flawless all the time. Don’t forget to give your lips some extra loving and use a lip balm to moisturise them before your workout sesh. 

Post-workout skincare

Make sure you wash your face immediately after a workout. Use a toner to clean your pores and apply a moisturiser immediately after cleaning your face. You can wait for a couple of hours to take a bath but skipping it is no option. Use a mild body wash to get rid of the dirt and grime on your skin post-workout. If you’re working out in the day, make sure you apply some sunscreen before you step out. If you’re someone who works out in the evening, follow a proper skincare routine before you go to bed. This night-time skincare combo will ensure you have glowing skin when you wake up in the morning. A combination of this oil and cream can help you treat the blemishes and can reduce pigmentation giving you a healthy glow. 

Skincare post-workout is not rocket science. If you follow these simple steps every time you workout, you will never have to worry about skin problems. So, how many of these steps do you really follow? 


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