Everything You Need To Know About Face Powders

Face powders are handy products that give an instant fix to your look. They quickly and effectively set your makeup, giving you a fresh look. It lets you do an impromptu touch-up and help manage excess oil. Try asking a girl if she carries face powder with her? We bet money that 99.9% times they would agree to carry a compact powder

It is because face compacts are convenient to carry and easy to apply. It holds a very special place in almost every beauty lover's life. Although convenient, the dilemma to choose the best face powders is real. Be it finishing, setting, or translucent powder, It can get confusing. Each face powder is created for a specific purpose and skin type. Read further to know why compact powder should be your best friend.

What Is Face Powder Used For?

While applying makeup, everybody avoids cakey makeup or looking greasy. People look for glow and matte smooth skin when applying makeup. What better way than to use a setting powder for a sleek mattifying look. Powder on top of your cream or liquid foundation is like a cherry on top. It helps to set your makeup into place, making it last longer. It also avoids crinkling the makeup, avoiding fine lines and pores.

The best face powders become a great base to apply blush, contour, or bronzer. Powders are also effective to set cream eyeshadow in place. It also helps tone down the blush and helps slippery lip color stay longer.

Different Types Of Face Powders | How To Apply Face Powder 

Here, you will learn about different types of face powders. You will also learn how to apply face powder. Read further to know more:

  • Loose powders:

    Loose powder has smaller particles, finer consistency, and comes in a jar. It is used if you want light or sheer coverage. Although it is messy, it goes well with the foundation. Due to its fine consistency, it is useful to correct makeup mistakes. The finer particle in it makes it difficult to carry around. To avoid using lots of face powders, dust off any excess and apply. 

  • Pressed powder

    Pressed powder is semi-solid and comes in a compact. These usually contain silicones and waxes and thus are not suited to all. Being semi-solid, using too much powder can result in a cakey appearance. It is most effective when used in a small amount as a touch-up. This compact powder is applied on top of a liquid foundation. It helps give an even finish to the makeup. 

  • Finishing powder 

    Finishing powder is used after setting powder. It is effective in blurring fine lines and hiding open pores. The finishing powder also gives you an airbrushed effect. Not blending the powder well can lead to a disastrous look. A finishing powder has a finer consistency as compared to setting powder.

  • Translucent powder 

    Translucent powder, when blended well, sits perfectly with all skin tones. It's best for giving a matte finish to your makeup look. It is also perfect for regular touch-ups, without weighing the skin down.

How To Use Face Powder | The Best Face Powder From Just Herbs

Worried about how to apply face powder perfectly? Don’t worry! We have put together several steps to help you get the perfect look. Pick up your brush and follow the steps:

  • Step one: Cleansing 

    Cleansing is the basic step to begin any makeup routine. It allows a smooth application of the products of the skin. A compact powder is the final layer of any makeup routine. Therefore, the coats beneath must be even and smooth. Start by cleansing your face using a gentle face wash.

  • Step two: Tone And Moisturize

    Toning and moisturizing are important stages in your skincare regime. It helps eliminate all the minute dirt from your face. It gives an even surface and makes the makeup application flawless. You can also use an SPF face powder to give your skin extra sun protection. Using an SPF powder is advised over normal face compact by experts. You can explore Just Herbs to buy natural skincare products.

    Just Herbs product recommendation: Just Herbs recommends Herb-enriched Compact Powder SPF 15+, a lightweight and hydrating compact powder to give a matte finish. This SPF face powder is enriched with potent Ayurvedic ingredients. They help brighten and heal the skin. It also prevents excess oil build-up and blurs imperfections.

  • Step 3: Apply Primer To Close Your Pores

    Primer is a key product used by experts for a flawless makeup look. Applying primer helps cover your pores. It gives an even surface and allows the compact powder to sit on your skin. Applying primer prevents the compact from clogging your pores. Primer is effective for the makeup to stick to your face for a longer time.

  • Step 4: Start with the Base Makeup

    Once your skin is all prepped, apply base makeup. Dab an even layer of foundation all over the face. Conceal the areas with a concealer that requires additional coverage. Blend the products properly using a sponge. 

    Wondering when to use a setting powder? The setting powder is used after applying your foundation and concealer. It helps provide sheer coverage to help you get a shimmering glow.

  • Step 5: Apply a compact powder

    Use a brush or sponge to dab the powder all over the face. If using the sponge, dust the excess setting powder. Dab the product well on your skin before blending it. Start applying the compact from the middle using long strokes. Blend it evenly across the face and the neck. This will help you give flawless and radiant skin.

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