Impact of Falling in Love: The Ayurvedic Perspective (2021)

Impact of Falling in Love: The Ayurvedic Perspective (2021)

Falling in love is not just limited to brighter days and happier times, a lot more than you may be aware of happens inside the body. We all have read and also felt once in our lives the chemicals released from our brains when we fall in love with someone or even feel attracted to someone. The brain releases dopamine also known as the feel-good hormone along with vasopressin, adrenaline and oxytocin. 

But, ever wondered how Ayurvedic Doshas impact your relationship?

We all are dominant of at least one Dosha out of the three Doshas that are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. 

It is not only important to be aware of your partner's behaviour, likes and dislikes but also crucial to know their predominant Ayurvedic dosha. Fully knowing your partner’s dosha personality is a key to a successful and healthy relationship. 

It will be interesting to know how an accepting Kapha grounds and nurtures a wild, wandering, and scattered Vata. How a creative, off-beat, and excitable Vata energizes and motivates a far too comfortable Kapha.  And how pitta's battle each other for space, the spotlight, and the privilege of being right.

Let's start with how it is to fall in love with people predominant of the following doshas:


All thanks to ether and air, vatas are just like the wind. They will completely forget to call back, change plans last minute and still be ok! They are full of adventure, oozing out of creativity and never a boring personality. Vatas tend to be a bit more sensitive than pitta and kapha types. Too much stimulus, such as loud noises and flashing lights, may be overwhelming for them. Again, due to the fact that they are made up of the more ethereal elements, vatas tend to be light sleepers. They might fall asleep early and then be up buzzing around from 2:00 to 4:00 am. Do not take this personally; rather, help your vata partner create a bedtime ritual that keeps them on track. With limited circulation, vatas are the types that stick their ice cold hands on your lower back to warm them up. When out of balance, vatas can become Nervous Nellies, becoming insecure and questioning whether they did something wrong. These emotions can be pacified with words of loving affirmation and reassurance that all is well.


Your pitta date will be on time, if not 10 minutes early but never late. They have very little patience for people who are not mindful of the clock. Prone to changing plans, just don’t with your pitta lover. With a whip-smart intellect, pittas like to engage in friendly bantering and debate. Feed these people! With an abundance of the fire element, pittas tend to have incredibly sharp digestive fires. If your pitta date starts to get a bit cranky, cool them down with some ice cream. Pittas are clear and direct with their language. Expect them to let you know exactly what’s on their mind. This may not always be easy to hear, but forgive them—it’s just the pitta talking. Pittas love to compete, and are often pretty good at anything they set their mind to. If you’re looking for a running or gym partner, pitta is your gal/guy as they can be extremely motivational and dedicated coaches.  Romance and sparks are a-flyin’ with pittas. These folks are ruled by fire and, if there is chemistry, you will surely know it. Pittas are the romeos dating world.


Kaphas have a tendency to be phenomenal listeners. They listen from the heart and make direct and compassionate eye contact. Know that they will be there when the going gets rough, and will be your rock through the good and bad. Be patient with sweet kapha, and give them time and space to tell their life story. Inspire them to try new things that are out of their comfort zone—hitting up a new restaurant or going somewhere exotic for vacation. Change is good for kaphas. Looking for a long-distance relationship, or LDR, as the millennials say? Kapha is your dosha; these folks are built for commitment and monogamy. Due to their slowness in nature, it may take a while for a kapha to reveal their true feelings. However, once that love has developed, it will be steadfast and loyal.   If your kapha boo starts calling you at 7:00 pm, this may easily become a habit. It is rare that a Kapha will act erratically, or in an unpredictable manner. If they say they will text you, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will

So what does your love look like? 

I am sure by now you know your partner’s predominant dosha and you can fully view your relationship through the Ayurveda dosha lens and get insights on what will work the best to balance out the imbalances in your partner. 

Do you want to know which doshas are perfect matches together?

A pitta would be beautifully balanced with either a kapha-dominant lover (steady and stable, great endurance, and so sweet!) or a vata partner (charming, fun, eccentric, and on the go). If you are a sweet, steady kapha who doesn't want conflict and lives by the motto “let’s all just get along,” it can be hard to relate to a direct pitta response.  Kapha is stimulated and enjoys the fiery nature of the pitta but is easily hurt by their often-pointed responses and directives, a hallmark pitta tendency.

What about a vata partner? Vata flows and adapts with an agility so attractive and charming that kapha or pitta can't help but be enraptured by them. Yet over time kapha might become exhausted by all the activity or irritated that the schedule keeps changing. No longer is the vata lover adorable and ethereal, and they can too soon become flaky and unreliable, which drives pitta crazy. Truth be told, the behaviors might be the same as the ones that attracted you in the first place but, with the vata personality being so different from the kapha or pitta tendency, it might ultimately be tough to find understanding of the vata personality.

Now that you are familiar with different dosha personalities and also what type of dosha characteristics you would want in your partner, it is first important to discover your dosha. Take this quick Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz to know your dosha.

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