Beauty Secrets For Valentine's Day (2021)

Beauty Secrets For Valentine's Day (2021)

February is a special month for all lovers. It marks the onset of the very special Valentine’s Week and ends with Valentine’s Day that can make anyone blush with delight. After the year we’ve had, it’s a blessing to share precious moments with people we love. So if you have special plans for your loved ones, then these Valentine’s Day beauty tips will be more useful than ever. Here, let’s address some of your beauty concerns and share some secrets to make you look V-day ready. But remember that taking care of your skin and body is a form of self-care. Pamper yourself, take time out to nourish your body, and you’ll be oozing out confidence when you go on a date (or even if you’re virtually celebrating the day). It will be an added bonus to get complimented by your partner!

Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips: How To Prep

It’s not just about the perfect dress, or those shoes. It’s true that you should always follow a healthy skincare routine, but if you’re taking it up a notch this month from a basic CTM, then add a few things to your list. Try those Valentine’s Day looks, prep for a great night out, and smell all that love in the air.

Schedule A Spa Session

At least a day or two before Valentine’s Day, get an appointment with a salon (if it’s allowed locally). Treat this as your first indulgence; get your hair trimmed, get a smooth wax, and relax with a mani-pedi session. Better yet, take a girlfriend along and make a day out of it.

Exfoliate Thrice A Week

It’s such an obvious Valentine’s Day beauty tip: exfoliation. Take this as a reminder that exfoliating thrice a week helps you get rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenates your skin. With this body polishing trio by Just Herbs (Rs 2,845), you can cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise your skin, and get that silky smooth texture.

Use Natural Beauty Products

Why don’t you take this opportunity to get more conscious about what you’re applying to your skin? Sulphates- and paraben-free beauty products are safer for you and the environment, so it may be time to replace some products on the dresser. Just Herbs is one brand that uses Ayurvedic ingredients to give you the benefits of nature; no chemicals nor synthetic ingredients. 

Check out the 6-step Organic Skincare Regime, that includes a face wash, a scrub, a massage cream, a sun protection lotion, and a skin brightening cream. You can even get trial kits and mini sets to test them out before Valentine’s Day! With these products in your hand, your skin will feel refreshed every day. 

Extra tip: Use sunscreen daily! Make it a non-negotiable in your head because the sun does a lot of damage to the skin. If you’re worried about the white cast some sunscreens leave behind, give Sun’nil Jojoba-Grapeseed Moisturising Sun Protection Lotion (Rs795)  a chance—it is all-natural and effective against the sun. And for after-sun care, use this anti-tan rose face pack (Rs 625) to repair damaged skin and deep clean the pores.

Nourish That Mane

Your Valentine’s Day looks are incomplete without a pretty hair-do. Tame your mane in the days preceding the day of love by using sulphate- and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners. If you’re facing hair loss and split ends, then it’s time to go back to dadi-nani nuskhe and massage an ayurvedic oil onto your scalp. This Bhringraj Oil (Rs 945) promotes hair growth and brings that lost lustre back, and it also helps you sleep better! Want to go one step further in your hair health? Try a hair mask that balances the scalp’s pH value, fights hair fall and hair thinning, and strengthens the hair.

Give TLC To Those Lips

Dry, chapped lips can be a nightmare. Picking on them or licking your lips can make the situation worse, and it’s a definite problem in winters. Lip balms, of course, are a saviour—this coffee-flavoured one will hydrate and nourish your lips. Make sure you apply lip balm generously many times a day for supple, smooth lips on Valentine’s Day. Also, avoid any lip products that irritate your skin and drink a lot of water. 

Don’t Forget The Night Routine

Night-time is repair time for your skin. You go out in pollution, expose your face to the sun, and apply beauty products—given all this, you need a night routine to bounce back from all the stress of the day and to fight the next day’s elements. Before you go to bed, make sure you are cleansing your face thoroughly, applying night creams (these are different from day creams because they work more intensively on moisturizing and repairing), and use serums or gels if you have a particular problem (acne, dark circles, anti-ageing, dryness, or uneven skin tone).

Resist the urge to rush through this and enjoy the process because it’s making your skin plump and firm. Start with a deep cleansing lotion and clear your pores. Apply a night cream with active ingredients and then use Kimsukadi Tail - Glow Boosting Facial Oil (Rs 2,195) that helps you get rid of pigmentation and adds firmness to your skin. If you’re dealing with dark circles and puffiness, then there’s a solution in the form of this green tea and cucumber under-eye cream (Rs 1,025).


If you want to wake up with a healthy, nourished, glowing skin on Valentine’s Day, then give your skin the time and products it needs!

Get Good Night’s Rest

Stress is your skin’s enemy. Make sure you don’t let it deprive your  sleep. Not just for this month, but always try to get at least eight hours of sleep and your skin will thank you for the rest. Plenty of fluids and a balanced diet will also feed your mind, body, and soul.

Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips: Date Night Guide

Candle-lit dinner followed by a walk hand-in-hand, or a home-cooked meal? No matter what your plans are, treat this as your Valentine’s Day beauty guide with everything you need to remember on D-Day. 

Pamper Your Skin

Feeling those butterflies in your stomach before a date? Embrace it! Valentine’s Day 2020 falls on a Sunday, so you actually have time to pamper yourself. Start with a relaxing shower or a bath, with an aromatic bath wash. Take this time for yourself, play some good  music, wash your mane. Then nourish your skin with a natural and fragrant body butter like this Mace-Moringa Rejuvenating Body Butter (Rs 1,195).

Pout Perfect

It’s the day of love and the most important weapon in your beauty arsenal is that red lipstick. Worried about lead and paraben content in darker shades? Can’t say we blame you. But you don’t have to miss out on the experience because there are natural lipsticks that are perfectly safe. Give yourself lippy love with this natural, herb-infused shade.

Match Your Hairstyle With The Look

If your outfit is simple, then you can let your hair fall casually or try a ponytail. If you’re going for something more elegant, then go for a messy bun. Day dresses and bouncy curls complement each other too. Just remember to keep your accessories and outfit in mind when you’re prepping your mane.

Pick A Romantic Fragrance

What do you want your scent to denote? Flowers and romance—excitement of a new relationship. Or, sensuousness and glamour that celebrates a strong connection? Pick a fragrance that will make you feel beautiful and give a whiff of romance to your date. Temples, wrists, inner elbows, behind the ears, and neck are the best places to apply the perfume. Remember: just a few drops/sprays, not the full bottle. 

Keep It Simple & Have Fun!

Okay, it does look like a lot when you go through this Valentine’s Day beauty guide. But here’s something else to remember: it’s about you and what you want. So, don’t get overwhelmed. Go for something simple and natural without adding pressure on yourself.

Hey, don’t fret if you forget a thing or two. The date is going to be spectacular even without the perfect hair-do or a red lipstick. So, go out with confidence and enjoy the day! If you love the company, you’ll cherish everything about this Valentine’s Day, especially after all the uncertainties of 2020.

Beauty Tips For A Valentine’s Day Virtual Date

If we have learnt anything from 2020, it’s that plans can change. So even if you find yourself raising your glass of wine in front of a screen, you can still look smashing! Don’t let the distance between you put a damper on the occasion and try the following Valentine’s Day beauty tips to make the virtual date memorable. 

Get Out Of Those PJs

Want to feel excited and happy about your date? Prep for it! Get ready in your snazziest outfit, apply some makeup and perfume, spend some time on your hair—looking good will make you feel good and show your date that you are all in. Investing time and effort matters, even when you’re doing this in front of your computer screen sitting on your sofa.

For That Happy-To-See-You Glow

In just 20 minutes, you can be glowing for the date with a nourishing face pack. This Instaglow Almond Complexion Face Pack (Rs 625) uses the goodness of almond oil, multani mitti, neem, honey, and sandalwood to enhance your glow and even out the skin tone. This herb-packed mud mask will make your look radiant, and if you’re not planning on wearing heavy make-up, your gleaming skin will be enough to turn heads.

Red Never Fails

Decided on a no-makeup, makeup look? Add a zing to it with a crimson lipstick that always looks amazing, even on screen. So, go ahead and accentuate your lips with a bold, red tint.

Relax With Aromatherapy

It’s not an ideal situation, but you can add romance to the air with a nice aromatic candle. Get your partner to light one of the same flavour (rose, vanilla, cinnamon, or lavendar) and share this experience together. It will help you both relax and that’s always a good look.

Meeting in person or virtually, take some time out to find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. And if your beau is secretly Googling Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, then drop hints to lead him to  Just Herbs’ amazing gift sets that include the best of our luxe products and everyday essentials! 


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