7 Inspiring Yoga Accounts You Need To Follow On Instagram!

7 Inspiring Yoga Accounts You Need To Follow On Instagram!

“To gym or to yoga” is apparently the new “to be or not to be”!

While working out in the gym will get you in shape, it is yoga that will help you regulate your mind in the process. Yoga, as you all know and if not, you know now… Yoga is just not another form of exercise. It is a way of being. Grounding and enthralling as the experience can be, Yoga infuses your spirit with positive energy.

And while most of us do want to stand upside down on a mountain or balance the entire body on just one hand, finding the motivation to start is the challenge.

Whether you are looking to immerse yourself into the refreshing journey of yoga, or are just interested in a fresh pour of positivity on your feed, here are the 7 inspiring Instagram accounts you can follow for some yoga inspiration!

Rajat Thakur

He hails from Himachal and is most definitely someone you might want to guide you on a trek into the Himalayas.

Growing up in the hills, he played around heights from a very young age. It is only understandable then, that in addition to a degree in Hotel Management, he also has a degree in mountaineering from the Atal Bihari Moutaineering Institute in Manali.

His Instagram account, adorned with his travels and jaw-dropping yoga poses, will leave you in a state of bliss. You will want to travel more, most definitely to the snow capped Himalayas.

What is more?

Well, you might even be motivated to try your hands at bouldering and skiing!

Shivani Bajwa

With everyday tutorials to help integrate the science of yoga as an art of self-care, Shivani has a dedicated YouTube channel for beginners to feel less intimidated about practicing yoga.

Even on her Instagram, she constantly shares yoga practices and wisdom which one can imbibe in daily life.

With programs like Exhale – The Art of Letting Go, Shivani Bajwa first talks about how to learn to heal the body on a daily basis and how the breath is the most powerful hidden magic formula.

With her absolutely adorable Benjamin, the Yoga Dog, her Instagram Account is the one you should follow for positivity and little tricks.

Soumya Pathak

She is strong, honest and humble, and with insights into her daily Yoga practice, Soumya, a yoga teacher, makes sure to be as true as she can to her Instagram family. 

She is not afraid of getting personal about her daily struggles with yoga and peace of mind.

Absolutely honest with her followers, she hosts regular QnAs and her opinions on a better yoga practice. 

A self-care advocate, she continues to inspire the Instagram community with her passion for health and healing.

I always look forward to Soumya posting something very relatable.

She always admits the things that everyone thinks, but doesn’t want to say—and she gives herself permission to mess up without it messing with her self-worth.

Pragya Bhatt

She travels around the world, hosting Yoga retreats.

Her Instagram handle is filled with hilarious puns and before-after series of herself doing Yoga and as if this wasn’t enough, Pragya regularly shares her ‘Queen’ inspiration. So all you lovelies, she is the Bohemian Rhapsody you were looking for!

Pragya continues to deepen her practice under the guidance of noted teachers. She conducts group and private classes, international trainings and retreats. Her teachings are also available online.

In addition, she recently launched her book Beyond Asanas:The Myths and Legends behind Yogic Postures. With a foreword by Kalki Koechlin, this book is a must read for everyone, even the slow duds like me!


Apparently, Sambuu, a Mongolian, has married his Instagram profile to Handstands!

I agree that this might not be your authentic Yogi but if you ask me what is cooler than someone doing handstands in a studio?

It is Sambuu doing handstands everywhere possible.

Handstand on a rooftop?

Check ✔

Handstand on a railing?

Check ✔

Handstand on top of a pillar?

Check ✔

Handstand on a hay roll?

Check ✔

Even a handstand while brushing teeth?

Check ✔ Check ✔ Check ✔

Lotta Sebzda

With every post on her feed, Lotta proves that age is just a number.

At 52, Lotta is not only an inspiring grandmother but sets such fitness goals that not even the 20 year olds can compete with her!

Her posts are instructional videos and photo slides of asanas and Sun Salutations in which she often has her (equally fit) husband assisting or practicing next to her.

With her absolutely adorable grandson who photobombs her videos every now and then, she posts instructional and inspirational videos onto her Instagram feed, as well as having a YouTube channel for more in-depth yoga tuition.

Alo Moves

Well, if one person isn’t enough and you crave more, but only in one place… This is one handle with all your yogis from around the world under one umbrella of Alo Moves.

From online courses to customised playlists and meditation tips, Alo Moves is the ultimate Yoga Booster if you are in need of.

With regular quizzes and tutorials, Alo Moves also guides you around mantras and music playlists.

You can also tune into your practice with thousands of classes by world-class instructors on their website. From strength yoga to restorative yin yoga, you can find everything on this channel

Well, that was long…

Now, if you don’t mind, I am going to head back now and practice savasana while Queen plays in the background!

Hari Om!

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