Makeup has become a huge part of our lives. It doesn't matter whether it's a natural makeup look or a full-on cake-bake look. Nowadays, makeup products are being marketed around the globe. With the excess use of makeup, they have inclined towards natural makeup products.

To pamper their skin, many have turned to natural skin-care products. It is for the fact that they are familiar with the benefits of organic skincare. Besides products, we are looking for things that are 'natural'. The best makeup products do not enhance the natural texture of the skin. It can also enhance one's attributes without causing any harm to the skin. Natural makeup helps you get a natural glow while maintaining skin health.

The shift in lifestyle led to the acceptance of organic makeup around the world. Nowadays, people are tilting towards a minimalistic standard of living. This minimalistic lifestyle keeps them one with nature. If you still wonder why natural beauty products are better? It is because they are from natural and organic ingredients. Natural beauty products limit side effects caused by harmful chemicals. One of the major organic makeup advantages is that they are cruelty-free products. It means it saves animals from being test subjects for chemically-active products.


Ø Synthetic preservatives

Synthetic preservatives increase the shelf life of a product. These preservatives are chemicals that harm the skin. One of the major organic makeup advantages includes no preservatives.

Ø Artificial colorants

Ever felt attracted to the bright and bold makeup colour palette? The vibrant colours of makeup are from synthetic dyes and pigments. These pigments are harmful to the skin, leading to several skin issues. One of the many benefits of natural beauty products is natural pigmentation.

Just Herbs product recommendation: Just Herbs recommend Herb Enriched Lip & Cheek Tint. This product from Just Herbs moisturizes and nourishes your lips and cheeks. It is made from organic and natural ingredients. The tint does not contain artificial colorants and is paraben-free.

Herb Enriched Lip & Cheek Tint

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Ø Artificial fragrances

Artificial fragrances make the product look more attractive. In reality, these fragrances are a chemical mixture infused into the products. Avoiding synthetic fragrances is amongst the crucial benefits of organic makeup products.

Ø Possible allergens

Natural components can lead to allergic reactions often. Before buying any product, read the label. Check the ingredients used to confirm that you’re not sensitive to the product. Before buying any beauty products, take a patch test. Just Herbs has trial kits of products so you can try and see if the product suits your skin type. If there are no problems, go ahead and buy the product.

Ø Cruelty-free

If you favour cruelty-free products, look for the PETA logo on the packaging. You can also research the brand before buying products.



Ø Reduced Exposure To Harmful Ingredients

One of the main benefits of organic makeup products is that it has no synthetic chemicals. This prevents skin issues like acne, breakouts, blemishes, etc. With organic makeup, less toxic ingredients are in contact with the skin.

Besides parabens, preservatives contain other harmful ingredients. Preservatives prolong the shelf life of cosmetics. Exposure to parabens can disturb the hormones and affect fertility.

Just Herbs product recommendation: Just Herbs recommend Ayurvedic Make-up Essentials Kit. This makeup product is free from paraben and silicone. It will highlight the natural glow of the skin without damaging it.

Ayurvedic Make-up Essentials Kit

MRP: ₹645.00

Ø Fewer Odor-Induced Headaches

Most companies use artificial scents in their makeup. The main reason for this is to enhance the product and branding. These artificial fragrances are responsible for headaches. One of the major organic makeup advantages is that it is free of artificial fragrances. Using organic makeup products is superlative if you react to strong odors.

Ø Lower Risk Of Skin Irritation

The preservatives can cause several skin-related issues. It can cause an allergic reaction that might turn your skin red. Other symptoms include dry/flaky skin, skin darkening, and much more. Several benefits of organic skincare are that it prevents skin irritation. Boosts skin health. Do not damage the skin.

Ø Safer For Sensitive Skin

Organic/natural products are well-endured by people who have sensitive skin. Regular cosmetics can cause skin irritation as they contain harsh chemicals.

Ø Contains Skin-Healthy Ingredients

Organic makeup/skincare products give a healthy boost to your skin. Products that are plant-based benefit your skin in several ways. If you still wonder why use organic beauty products? It's because organic products contain natural oils like avocado, jojoba, etc., that provide nourishment to the skin and do not cause any harm.

The use of harsh chemicals in cosmetics damages both nature and health. These chemicals wash into the ocean and harm marine life. Organic products are good for the environment and make your skin healthy.

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