How to get red tinted cheeks naturally

How to get red tinted cheeks naturally

Have you been trying to get some colour in your cheeks?

If yes, this is for you.


You’ve probably gone through a few palettes of blush or maybe even tugged at your cheeks hard, once or a few times, until they turned red. While all these might be your way of getting your cheeks rosy pink, there are some other ways on how to get a natural blush on your face.

Things to do for naturally red cheeks

Here’s how to get natural rosy cheeks; a few things you can try out.

  • Exfoliate your face:

Exfoliating is very important for your skin as it helps clean your pores getting rid of excess oil and sebum, and any other impurities (1). This gives your skin a natural glow and adds colour to your skin.


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  • Facial massage:

Massaging your face, particularly your cheeks, with your fingers help to improve blood circulation which gives your cheek a natural tint. Massage your cheeks for as long as you need to till you start to see the colour rise to your cheeks.

  • Wash face with warm water:

Rinsing your face with warm water, not boiling water, is an easy way on how to get pink cheeks/skin naturally. A splash of the warm water heats up your skin and brings blood to the surface adding some colour to your cheeks.


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  • Follow daily exercise routine:

Exercising gets your blood pumping and as blood circulates through your entire body, you begin to look flushed. This adds colour to not just your face but your entire body.

  • Healthy & balanced diet:

A good balanced diet has a lot of benefits internally and externally. It gives you healthy skin. The carotenoids that are found in vegetables increase blood flow on the surface of the skin which adds colour to your skin giving it a natural look. (2)

  • Keep yourself hydrated:

A woman needs about 11.5 cups of water (2.5 litres) while a man needs 15.5 cups of water (3.7 litres) per day (3). Staying hydrated helps to flush out toxins from your body and keeps your lips soft and supple. It gives your skin a fuller look which may make it seem rosier.

  • Follow proper skincare routine:

Have a proper skincare routine that helps get rid of any impurity on your skin and in your pores leaving it feeling and looking fresh and healthy. A proper skincare routine hydrates the skin and gets rid of excess oil without stripping it. It should include a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen plus other extra things you need like eye cream and spot treatment (4).


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Home remedies to get pink cheeks naturally 

If you’re looking for how to get a pink glow on your face/cheeks naturally, here are ways on how to get some natural blush on your skin.

  • Beetroot:

All you need is a slice of Beetroot to rub and massage on the apples of your cheeks. Rub gently to get just a tint of colour and avoid an overapplication which would result in a dark red hue. Massage in with your fingertips to evenly spread out the tint where needed.

  • Vegetable Oil:

Oils like olive oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil and apricot oil are safe for the purpose of getting a natural glow on your cheeks. Apply a little bit into a cotton pad or your fingertips and rub into skin. If you have acne prone skin, you might want to be careful with this one.

  • Grape and Pomegranate:

Mix a little bit of Grape juice or Pomegranate juice into your lotion. Not only does it add some colour to your cheeks, it smells great as well. Mix just a little amount of this fruit juice with your lotion/face oil because using too much can make your skin feel sticky.

  • Rose Petals:

You can make a DIY rose petal rub. The natural pigment in rose petals can add colour to your cheeks and transfer its scent which would not just leave your cheeks looking rosy but smelling rosy as well.

  • ½ cup of rose petals.
  • 1 cup of sugar.
  • ½ cup of virgin coconut oil (or any oils mentioned above).
  • 15-20 drops of essential oil
  • Grind the rose petals in this mixture.
  • Rub mixture into a clean face and leave for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse off and gently pat dry.

How to get red cheeks using makeup

How long have you been looking for the right product to help you have rosy cheeks? Well, here’s one for you.


  • If you want to add just a little bit of colour to your skin, try adding a bit of Just Herbs Nourishing Lip and Cheek Tint.
  • If you’re looking for more colour, build up on the amount until you’ve gotten your desired effect.


What’s great about this Just Herbs Vegan Nourishing Tint is you can use it for your lips as well. This Lip and Cheek tint not only adds the colour you’re looking for but keeps your cheeks/lips moisturised. It is lightweight and it comes in seven different shades, so go on and find your perfect shade.



Q. Which foods make your cheeks red?

A: Plant products encourage rosy cheeks. The minerals and vitamins in these plant-products promote blood flow.

Q. How long do natural rosy cheeks last?

A: Depending on the season/weather, it may vary. But for about 5-6 hours or until you wash your face.

Q. Can teenagers use these methods to get rosy cheeks?

A: Yes they can. Both the natural method as well as the makeup product mentioned above are safe.

nagers use these methods to get rosy cheeks?

A: Yes they can. Both the natural method as well as the makeup product mentioned above are safe.

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