Father’s Day Gift Ideas for all Super Dads!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for all Super Dads!

Let’s be honest, even thinking about what to gift our father confuses us! Why, you ask? Because they always care about us and do not like that we spend even a dime on them. Right now, we know that you are nodding your head as you can imagine your dad giving you continuous lectures about how to use your earnings, how spendthrifts are bad, and how you should invest in FDs! 

Trust us! If you tell him that you have got medical insurance for yourself, not even him, he will literally be the happiest!

Yeah! That’s who our fathers are! Always self-sacrificing and wanting the best for us! 

But this year, Just Herbs has decided to help you out with a father’s day gift guide that would not only help you with gifts but things that would show that you truly care about them. 

The days of colognes, wallets, and photo mugs are long gone! Gift your father something for grooming and self-care! 

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we decided to make your gift-hunting an easy-peasy, virtual breezy affair. Whether your father is someone who occasionally loves to take care of himself or groom himself or is a soap-and-water dad, we have covered all kinds of skincare, hair care & body care gifts! Whether with him or staying apart, you should celebrate Father’s Day because he deserves it! 

It’s time to teach our dads, for a change, about some TLC for themselves! 

Protect him from the Sun! 

Dads are always on-the-go, whether it be running errands or going to the office. How many times do they wear Sunscreen? We are sure you don’t even remember! 

Did you know that without sunscreen, the chances of men developing skin cancer due to long exposure to UVA and UVB rays is more than 74%?

Yes! So, what else could be a better gift other than Just Herbs’ herbal sunscreen? Our fathers are ageing and need special care and attention. Our products have been formulated to slow down concerns like signs of ageing, damage caused due to pollution, and general lifestyle choices. Isn’t it the best gift for dads? 

Do you want to take it a notch higher? 

Gift him Just Herbs’ Outdoor Skincare Kit, which is perfect for dads who love to travel! Let’s nudge him to travel or trek to a place he has been wanting to visit for a long time! 

It all starts with cleansing! 

Men often perceive that their skin does not need care like women. But as we know, that’s not true.  The first step in helping our fathers learn about self-care starts with a cleanser. Gift your dad Just Herbs’ Ayurvedic face wash. Why? Because it contains all natural and wholesome ingredients, minus the harsh chemicals.

These cleansers make skin feel fresh and rejuvenated and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

We promise you! Your father will soon keep this cleanser on his favourite shelf.

Fix his crown with a bottle of Oil

How often has your father complained about hair fall, receding hairline, etc.? How often have you caught him watching his reflection in the mirror and ranting about how he has grown old? 

Unstoppable hair fall and other hair issues can ignite a sense of low self-esteem and that is something we would never want our fathers to feel!

Gift him Just Herbs’ Ayurvedic Hair Oil online like Bhringraj Tel and Javakusum Hair Oil. These ingredients have been proven to increase blood circulation and boost hair growth, which also helps in relaxation and rejuvenation! 

Spend some quality time with your dad this Father’s day and give him a relaxing Champi with Just Herbs’ 100%  natural hair oils. 

Time to replace his Shampoo! Add conditioner to his shelf!  

It’s time to ask him to replace his shampoo with something that suits his hair and is organic and free of any harsh chemicals that may be adding to his hair issues. Our fathers hardly check for ingredients. They say they don’t have the time! 

*Facepalm situation* 

But we know better, so on this Father’s Day, gift him a set of wholesome shampoo and conditioner from our range of Ayurvedic products. We have hair care products specially formulated for hair concerns such as hair fall, dry brittle hair, etc. If your father is frustrated with dandruff, gift him Just Herbs’ Hibiscus and Vetiver Anti-Dandruff shampoo

We have incorporated ancient old methods in our formulation to tackle hair issues in a milder but more effective way. These promote hair growth, increase volume, improve blood circulation, and increase shine. 

Indulge him in Body Care

Our dads deserve to be pampered, and for that the perfect gift would be some goodies from our Body Care Range!  Gft him Just Herbs’ Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which’ll keep his skin hydrated and moisturised. Also, this Oil helps reduce signs of ageing and makes skin smooth and supple. This Oil gets easily absorbed into the skin, nourishing the skin better! 

Check out our Shatpatri Wild Indian Rose body wash which does more than just cleaning! It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that fight off dirt & grime. Along with that, it’ll fill him up with a sense of relaxation and calm him so that ya’ll can enjoy a chilled out father’s day! 

Our clean & green body care products help your skin heal while also balancing your skin's natural pH level. 

Let’s show our fathers that it’s finally time they prioritise their wellness by indulging in some serious self-care!


Our fathers don’t love to spend much on themselves. They would rather invest in our dreams and desires. So, this is the right time to show how much you care about them. And it’s time for you to splurge on him! 

(Hey! Don’t complain if he scolds you for splurging too much! We are sure he’ll appreciate that you love and truly care about him with these thoughtful gifts!)

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