Everyday Essentials To Keep In Your Bag

Everyday Essentials To Keep In Your Bag

11 Everyday Essentials That You Must Keep In Your Handbag

All the things that we all carry in our handbags are the things that we value the most. We’ve all been there -- A long way from home and a quick glance inside the handbag sometimes makes us realise how we have missed out on a few important things we need on a daily basis. And that almost happens every day.

Well, to help you avoid this situation, we have compiled a list of everyday essentials that you need to add to your handbag. So, whether it’s an island you’re stuck on or simply a stay over at a friend’s, these things will make sure you are never unprepared. 

1. A Small Bag of Tissues

Whether you’re a clumsy girl or love all things neat and clean, a small bag of wet tissues is a must in every girl’s handbag. 

2. A Sanitizer

A sanitiser is a definite must-have for everyone in the post-Covid-world. It comes in really handy when you have to use a public washroom or in today’s time, shake hands with someone. 

3. A Sunscreen Lotion

Sunblock is the most important thing no matter what the weather is. Always carry a bottle of sunblock in your bag every time you step out as it not only shields your skin from getting a tan but also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays. 

We recommend a herbal sunblock that heals and moisturizes your skin while protecting it from the UV rays. Chemical sunscreens do more harm than good which is why we suggest you go for herbal sunscreen lotion. For people with dry skin, we recommend the Herbal moisturising lotion and for those who have oily skin can opt for the sun protection gel. Both work well on Indian skin tones. 

4. Spare Hair Ties

How often do you forget to carry hair ties? Well, you won’t have that problem when you carry a couple of extra hair ties in your bag. This will not only help you but will also be of great help to girls around you who go looking for an extra hair tie every time the sun goes up!

5. A Lip Balm/Lipstick

Every woman loves a good lipstick. One little stroke of good lip colour and you’re all set to conquer the world. While you stock on your favourite lipstick in your bag, don’t forget to carry a lip balm so that your lips look and feel soft and supple all day long!

We recommend a herbal lip colour that will not only give you a pop of colour but will also moisturise your lips. Get your sample kit today! If you’re someone who loves a good lip balm then we recommend a Shea lip butter balm that will make sure your lips look glossy and feel hydrated all day long. 

6. Make-up Remover

By the end of the day, sometimes all you want to do is to wipe off that extra make-up. So, if you have to meet your friends after a long working day, you need to make sure you remove that extra makeup and do your face all over again. A good makeup remover comes in handy during this time.

We recommend ayurvedic micellar water which is a blend of seven different types of water which will nourish your skin while getting rid of all the extra makeup. 

7. Skin Tint

Have to go for an impromptu meeting want to give your face a dewy natural look? This skin tint is the best way to get a no-makeup, makeup look. Not just that, with this, you can also protect your face from the harmful UV radiations.  

8. Kohl

If there’s one single makeup item that can completely transform the way you look then it is a kohl pencil. One stroke and your eyes look lively. Don’t forget to add this wonder product in your handbag. 

9. A Perfume

Who doesn’t want to smell good all the time? Not just that, perfume has the power to give you a boost of confidence in your daily life. Add this little baby in your handbag RN!

10. A Hairbrush/Comb

Sometimes, all you need to do is tame your mane. Get your hands on a compact hairbrush and carry it with yourself all the time no matter where you go. You will always be ready to look your best!

11. A Face Mist

Summer is here and it is the time to keep your skin hydrated all day long. Keep a face mist handy in your bag at all times and spray it on your face every 2-3 hours. 

We recommend an ayurvedic face mist that you can not only use to spray on your face but can also use in the face packs you make at home.


These are the list of things we always carry in our bag. How many of these do you own? 

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