Reasons Men's Beauty Is Important As Women

Reasons Men's Beauty Is Important As Women

In the past, men’s grooming, haircare, skincare and wellness have been neglected industry categories. This is because men and skincare share a complicated relationship, one where men have been conditioned through the ages to shun all beauty and skincare regimes. However, the approach to men’s beauty has changed in recent times, and many men are steadily moving towards accepting and embracing skincare for men’s face and other treatments. 

Shelf space for skincare products for men is increasing in stores and supermarkets. This is a far cry from the past when men’s grooming sections limited themselves to just shaving creams, foam and aftershave lotions. Today, some of the best skincare products for men are available in India, dealing with various skin issues, types and needs. However, not every store has picked up on the trend. Most beauty stores have only minimal stocks of men’s beauty products. Instead, you will find rows upon rows of lotions, creams and serums catering to almost every female need out there. The luxury of choices seems negligible for men in comparison. Beyond the basic hair styling and grooming products, there are limited options available for men. There is still a vast disparity between the female and male beauty industries. The beauty industry has earned a valuation of approximately $532 billion worldwide, and men reportedly contribute only 1% or less to this figure at present. However, things are steadily evolving in this department. 

Here are the biggest reasons for men’s beauty being as vital as women’s beauty care regimes- 

  • Although men’s skin may seem to have different characteristics than women’s, it would be wrong to categorize all men’s beauty needs under just one requirement. Just like women, every man’s skin is different and needs personalized attention and care. There are just as many factors to consider while selecting products for optimum skincare. In terms of basic aspects, men’s skin is 20% thicker and 70% more oily while being 40% sweatier than women. 

  • Men have tougher, thicker and seborrheic skin than women. The differences are sometimes compounded by environmental aspects, hormones like testosterone, and stress levels. However, necessary ingredients for treating such issues are the same for both genders, i.e. salicylic acid and other options. 

  • According to experts, the only difference is that men may require a higher frequency/percentage of usage in comparison to women. 

  • The concept of genderless beauty and skincare has already ironed out some differences, highlighting the need for men’s beauty care and its sheer importance. In addition, concepts like a concealer are coming to the fore, as they help conceal under eye circles or blemishes, irrespective of gender. 

  • Men’s beauty deserves more importance, with today’s contemporary men more willing to indulge and invest in self-care. As a result, the manly idiom is undergoing rapid evolution since men are now prouder than ever in looking after themselves well. 

  • Men have varied skin types and need more products which cater to specific skin types. In addition, brands need to customize products for men based on skin types, just as they have done for women. 

  • Men need cleansing routines after combating all that environmental exposure, pollution and stress every day. Men also need to wash their faces twice each day. They need suitable choices for face washes as per skin types. Since their skin gets oilier throughout each day and pores get blocked, regular cleansing is vital. 

At the same time, men also require products related to exfoliation. All the oil and dirt accumulated in the face leads to whiteheads or blackheads and the formation of a dead skin layer. Exfoliation helps in shedding this layer and unveiling skin that is healthier and smoother in turn. If you have oily skin, be sure to make use of a scrub that has salicylic acid. A glycolic face wash is also recommended for cleansing and exfoliating. 

Sunscreen and UV rays damage are very important factors often overlooked in men’s beauty care. Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun which can cause tanning, sunburn and premature ageing. Men require a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 that can be used daily. When exposed to the sun for a longer period, reapplication is the best way to enhance the overall effectiveness of sunscreen. Another key aspect is moisturization to keep the skin supple and soft. A moisturizing cream ensures healthy and hydrated skin. A body lotion during the dry and cold seasons and hand cream are also good choices. 

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