Why is men's makeup perfectly acceptable in 2021?

Why is men's makeup perfectly acceptable in 2021?

When it comes to beauty for men, we generally look up to models, actors, bloggers for some cues. Last year the influential men's makeup trends were analyzed. Starting from male makeup to manscaping, many made surges on the internet. This year, 2021, we can expect many men's beauty trends to continue to be prominent among social media influencers, as well as many new faces taking over our social media feeds.

Men Wearing Makeup

Men are using make-up in a variety of ways these days, ranging from skin moisturizer, transparent lip balm, bright eyeshadow to fake eyelashes.  Even though many people consider male makeup taboo. As the trend seems to be on the rise now, we see more and more men with natural makeup or cosmetics on their faces. The contemporary trend of masculine makeup isn't an invention of the 21st century, as we find out when we take a closer look at it. 

Men in makeup are not a new trend; in ancient Egypt, men would apply oil on their skin to protect themselves from harsh sunlight. Upper-class males in Egypt often lined their eyes. Surely you have seen pictures of kings with their eyes outlined in black kohl. Although men and makeup are not new in modern times, it was primarily musicians and actors who wore makeup to make their faces look more appealing on screen or stage. Many questions arise, such as why men wear makeup? But this question doesn't change anything, many males are happy with their choices, and they have a life of their own.

Men’s Cosmetics 

Men have worn make-up since ancient times, but until now very few cosmetic products were specifically designed for them. The cosmetics market has undergone an evolution in recent years, with more brands and companies producing cosmetics for men. These products are sold at men’s beauty counters in stores or websites. Many males feel uncomfortable using traditional products for women even though they can use them. Therefore, the wide variety of male beauty products encourages them to experiment with their faces. 

Natural makeup for men

Natural male makeup can be a great way to achieve a subdued look, using multipurpose products to highlight your best features.

Here are some simple steps to applying natural makeup on men's faces:

Moisturize the face and neck: Put your favorite moisturizer on your face and neck and apply it gently to your skin. In order to prevent flakes or patches from appearing, your skin must be hydrated before any makeup is applied. 

Treat the spots: If you want a natural makeup look, you should avoid using a full face foundation and instead opt for a concealer to cover blemishes, dark circles, and redness. Blend with your fingers for a seamless appearance. Make sure the product you use matches the color of your skin.

Prep your brows: Don't change the shape of your brows; just fill in the sparse areas. By doing this, they will stay tame all day long.

Moisturize your lips: Chapped lips are uncomfortable and unattractive. Choose a lip balm that smooths your dry lips, such as “Liquorice Shea Lip Butter Balm” from Just Herbs, to keep your lips hydrated. 

Use a setting powder: Finish your natural makeup look with a blurring setting powder. This gives you a bright look with a soft focus. 

What are the male grooming makeups?

As the popularity of male makeup has increased, statements such as no rules apply to men wearing makeup don't make sense anymore. Not so long ago, men used to borrow face washes from their sisters, wives, and girlfriends. The idea of having a makeup kit for men seemed vague. Things have changed recently, and men are now more focused on their appearance. However, being concerned is not the solution. It is important for them to prepare their own grooming kits.

Below you will find a list of products you should include in your men's grooming kit. 

A face mask: It is the very first thing a man or woman needs to keep their skin clean and fresh. Face washes can help you remove dirt from your face, making it spotless. Consider the type of your face when choosing a facial wash. You should choose a face wash geared specifically towards dry skin, for example, if your face is dry. A face wash that doesn't strip off natural oils will prevent dryness.

Moisturizer: One of the essential items for men's grooming is a moisturizer. It will hydrate your skin and make it more delicate.

Deodorant: For a pleasant smell, this must be part of your grooming kit. It will keep you scented throughout the day.

Shower Gel: To take their showers to the next level, men need a shower gel. Be sure to choose a gel that is appropriate for your skin type. 

Decoding the next beauty trends in men’s makeup

We came across a content creator, Ankush Bahuguna, who talks about guys who wear makeup and their masculinity online. There is a massive explosion going on in the market and among males who make up. Today, men's beauty is all the rage, from eyebrows to full-face makeup. Just one person needs to change the whole mainstream for it to be normalized. A few influencers and fashion choreographers are doing a good job of it. 

Men's makeup may promote self-expression for many men. 

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