Yoga Instructor Lalitha Ramachandran Shares Her Beauty Routine

Yoga Instructor Lalitha Ramachandran Shares Her Beauty Routine

Lalitha Ramchandran is a healthcare policy professional, yoga teacher, and nature and animal lover. Passionate about bridging the gap between science and wellness, she is always looking for ways to encourage people to take charge of their own health. Working in the healthcare sector for the last 5 years, she has seen first-hand, the impact that wellness and prevention can have. This has driven her to become a yoga teacher. A champion for sustainability, self-care and wellness, Ramchandran has always been forthcoming in her support for Just Herbs. Vaani Mahesh, Social Media Manager, Just Herbs, speaks to this wellness thought leader about skincare, sustainability and everything in between.

Born in Bangalore, how did you end up in the States and transform your lifestyle into a sustainable and natural one?

Lalitha R.: I was born and brought up in Bangalore, where I did my schooling and have two degrees from. My family is and always has been my biggest supporter and set the foundations for me to follow my dreams. Growing up, I was always influenced by the simple ways of my family who were my first wellness influencers. They introduced me to home remedies, sent me to early morning yoga classes when I was a teenager and had me sit through spiritual discourses to open my mind. When I moved to the U.S for education, I knew I had the foundations to help me through life.

I love researching all the products I use, be it household cleaners or my skincare products. I was going through a bad phase of adult cystic acne a few years ago when I began my search for herbal and natural beauty products. It led me to purchase Just Herbs Aglow cleanser, and I was shocked to see an all-natural cleanser work better than all the chemical products I had tried in vain. Over the past few years, I have completely transformed my lifestyle and only use products that I believe are sustainable and natural and love all the positive benefits I have received from this change.

What does beauty mean to you?

Lalitha R.: Beauty to me is the expression of self-love. The most beautiful people are those who shine brightly from within, are confident in their skin, and nourish their mind and body.

A life hack you would tell your younger self?

Lalitha R.: I would tell my younger self: “You don’t need anyone else’s validation to prove your own worth. You have everything within you to be amazing.”

What changed your perception of beauty and skincare products?

Lalitha R.: As I began to learn about sustainability, the environment, and how skin care products were being manufactured, I realized that I had to be an informed consumer. Firstly, the skin is the largest organ in the human body. It is constantly exposed to external stresses and requires the utmost care. Decades of using harsh chemicals can cause irreparable damage. Learning about the ingredients in your beauty and skincare products is of utmost importance.

Secondly, good mental health and a healthy physical milieu (provided by nutritious food, diet and exercise) have a significant impact on our skin.

Having this information can help us make more informed decisions about what products we use and how it impacts our body, mind and environment.

What is your approach to skincare?

Lalitha R.: Skincare to me requires one to be mindful. Mindful of the products you use on your body, how they are used, and the impact each of them has on our bodies. It is a form of self-love.

My regular skincare routine involves dry brushing followed by bathing in alternating hot and cold water.

I love making DIY body scrubs for winter days to help scrub and moisturize my skin at the same time. My haircare routine involves all natural products and I avoid using heat to style my hair unless required. I use Just Herbs Bhringraj hair oil once a week to nourish my hair.

I use rose water to tone my skin, followed by Just Herbs Kimsukadi Facial Oil. I follow this with Just Herbs Silkskin Moisturizer to keep my skin glowing all day. I sometimes use a facial mist made with rose water and glycerine to hydrate my skin on dry days.

At night, I use Just Herbs Deep Cleansing Lotion to wipe away any eye-makeup and follow this with a cleanser and moisturizer.

And finally, I believe that deep breaths are the best detox for toxins in our body. I end each day with deep breathing and meditation.

What keeps you motivated to have a healthy lifestyle?

Lalitha R.: I am and always have been a believer that prevention is better than cure. Today, we are seeing the rising costs of healthcare around the world, along with an increase in chronic diseases amongst a vast majority of the population. Following a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating nutritious food, exercising, and practising self-care (mental and physical) can have a significant beneficial impact on your health.

A myth you’d like to bust for younger women?

Lalitha R.:  You don’t need countless beauty and skincare products from big brands. Sometimes a few, well-thought of and well-made products that help your skin in the long run, are all you need.

Your go-to DIY beauty remedy?

Lalitha R.: Besan-haldi face pack for the post-vacation tan.

What do you like about Just Herbs?

Lalitha R.: I love the brand’s vision for natural beauty and skin care products. We need a radical shift in skincare towards natural and chemical free products that are inspired by Ayurveda and our rich heritage. Just Herbs is always striving to create new natural products to advance their message of simplicity and purity.

Lalitha Ramchandran: Beauty Bytes

  • How do you relax?
    A hot cup of ginger chai, a good book, weekend hike, yoga, meditation.

  • A beauty ritual that puts you instantly at ease?
    My nighttime facial routine which involves Just Herbs — Deep Cleansing Lotion, Kimsukadi Facial Oil and Silkskin Moisturizer. It instantly puts my mind at ease and prepares me for a good night’s rest.

  • Your favourite fragrance?
    Nag Champa is my favourite fragrance. I have soaps, shampoos and incense sticks of this fragrance and one whiff of these instantly brings a smile to my face.

  • Favourite lipstick shade?
    Cherry Red

  • Beauty essentials?
    Great lipstick and blush to brighten up the mood, a go-to eyeliner that doesn’t smudge, facial oils and moisturizers for a dewy glow, and of course, a healthy body and mind!


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