Valentine’s Day Hairstyles [2021]

Valentine’s Day Hairstyles [2021]

Want to switch up your hair game and add a little chicness to your look? We have here different hairstyles for different hair type so do not forget to try one of these hairstyles on for your Valentine's look on Valentine's Day.

Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Flipped Out Straight Hair

Keep it simple and sweet with this side parted flowing hairstyle, not too casual not too formal, just the perfect one!

Braided Middle Parting Headband

Let’s not middle part our hair the same old way, take a small section of the hair from the back and and pin it forward and make a simple parting look trendy.

Pull-through Braid

This braid is absolutely stunning and you’ll never guess how it’s made! Start by tying your hair into a high ponytail and then dividing it into two separate sections. Secure those sections with an elastic and then pull the rest of the hair through the middle, utilizing the same method all the way down. This is definitely one of the best valentine's day looks.

Twisted Hearts

Twist and turn your beautiful long hair and weave it into an intricate heart braid.

Heart Bun

Wear your heart in your hair! This unique and creative hairstyle may look complicated, but all it takes is some strategic twisting and pinning to achieve that perfect braided heart hairstyle. So, if you’re hoping for a cute valentines day look this is your calling for sure.

Hairstyles for Long Medium Hair


Is there any updo more sophisticated than a chignon? Welcome the 90’s feel with this French low knot bun. It's elegant, classy and chic and adds perfection to your look.

Double Braided Buns

Add a little cuteness to your look by these braided space buns. They are quick and easy to achieve and extremely trendy.

Side Loose Braids

Grab random 1-inch sections of hair, and braid them loosely for tiny braids that blend into the rest of your hair.

Simple Plait

Keep it simple yet stylish with the 4 strand plait. Ok sure, it might take a little practice to get good at the four-strand braid, but once you’ve got it down, you’ll be as fast as you are at regular braiding. And once you master it, you can add in a cool accent (like a string of pearls, chain or ribbon) that makes the style very unique.

Flipped Up Ponytail

Bring back the retro feel, just after combing your hair into a high, grab a flat iron and gently flip up your ends. You'll be left with a sleek-yet-retro look that'll get you compliments on compliments. So if you want a valentine day hairstyle for short hair this is the way to go.

Hairstyles for Straight Short Hair

Blunt Bob

A hairstyle which is easy to style and maintain, it is completely hasslefree. Definitely one of the easiest and classiest valentine's day hair ideas.

Feathered A-Line Bob

Give your hair the bounce and volume they deserve. Make this your go to hairstyle as it is so quick to style and so natural.

Lacy Loose Messy Curls Updo

Loose messy curls are a go-to for many women, and styling them in an inverted updo is a different way to show them off. Style hair without previous combing to achieve this cute piece-y look. Pull strands back and make sure to secure the ends well so the spell isn’t broken.

Sleek Parted Hair

Worn with a center part, this look oozes sophistication and grace. It is so easy to achieve this graceful look in under 5 mins. An easy hairstyle for valentine's day but also very chic.

Curly Hair Hairstyles - Long

Pineapple Hair

The pineapple is a loose, high ponytail on top of your head, that prevents the frizz, knots and flattened curls that come with lying on a pillow. Only the back and sides of your hair will be subject to your tossing and turning. Add a cute scarf to the head or the tie of the hair.

Half Updo

Surely curly hair can get messy and unmanageable at times, but that's only because you haven't tried the half up and half down curly hairstyle yet. Tie a small section of hair in a hair t/i.

Pinned Low Ponytail

Instead of holding your pony back with a tie, fasten sections at the nape of your neck with no-slip bobby pins instead.

Brushed Out Low Ponytail

In a world where we can’t stop running late, the fun brushed out ponytails are probably the quickest way from A to Chic. This look comes in über-handy when you wake up late and you’re rushing out the door


Pigtails can make any woman look young and cute. Don’t miss out on a chance to look your best. Grab two elastic bands and make pigtails right now!

Curly Hair- Medium

Sky High Ponytail

Tie those long voluminous curls in a messy high ponytail. It is a go-to hairstyle for casual dinner dates, long drives as it is so comfortable to wear. Running late for a cute date? Grab a hair tie and throw those curls in a sky high ponytail. 

Elegant Updo

Your natural texture is your secret weapon of sexiness and elegance, so next time you have a formal event, don’t reach for a straightener. Instead, create a loose french braid and hide its end into a full messy bun. Pull out some wispy bang pieces to complete the look.

Messy High Bun

Having natural curls automatically make a traditional messy bun look more polished, and it's effortless. It is easy, quick and very stylish

Slicked Back Hair Into a Bun

Slicked back hair into a bun just  makes you look so much more pulled together and with a middle part can be super sleek. Especially with those extra 90’s pin ups, it is so classy.

Curly Hair- Short

Cute Double Buns

Don't know what to do with short unmanageable curls? Take two small sections and tie them in tiny buns, not only is it easy but also extremely cute. It is the perfect hairstyle for a movie date.

Blunt Bob with Bangs

There’s no question; a long jet black bob is one of our favorite ways to wear cute hairstyles for naturally curly hair. The side part and the loose waves frame the face. You can also tuck the shorter side behind one ear for a more casual appeal.

Brushed Out Side Parted Bob

It is time to brush out those curls for good!
Part your hair into, pin the front and back comb the lower section of the hair, the hair will make you look no less than a royalty. 

Slicked Back Curls

Having a hard time managing your curls? Just wet them and slick them back for a classy clean look in no time.

Tight Ringlet Afro

Tight-coils works best on short hair.

Wavy Hair- Long

Half Twist Ponytail Updo

A sudden date call? No time for a tedious hairdo? This hairstyle will come as a saviour. Grab a small section of hair, put it in a half updo ponytail and twist it downward. Sassy look in less than 5 mins. 

Half Braid Updo

Half up, half down hairstyles are a great option for formal and casual events. They look like you’ve spent hours on them, but actually are super-easy to create. Also, they work for any hair length and face shape. Half updos are a type of hairstyle that always elicit compliments. 

Wrapped Up Messy Pony

Wrap those long wavy strands of hair in a sleek messy ponytail and just wrap it with a small section of hair. Let a few strands flow beautifully on the sides. Brush out your ponytail to give a bouncy look to your waves.

4 Strand Side Braid

Looking for that pretty, complicated braid you’ve seen but can’t quite decipher? We’ve got you covered. The four strand braid, while intricate, is super easy to do once you get the hang of it.

Messy Side Braid

For all the lazy lovers, who do not have much time to fix their hair. This easy side messy braid comes as a saviour just before a date.

Wavy Hair- Medium

Beach Wave Updo

If you’re ever feeling too lazy for braiding or when you don’t want the prominent waves that come with the second-day hair, try a simple twist instead. 

Knotted Hearts

Knotted heart hair may seem difficult but if you look close, it is just two simple braids twisted together in a heart shape. How can you not try something so easy yet chic. 

Double Dutch Half Braid

Remember playing double Dutch jump rope as a little kid during a recess? Now you can bring your childhood memories back to life with this easy braiding hairstyle of the same name. Forget about headbands—this style will hold your messy fringe back without awkward clips or pins.

Half-up Rosette Combo

Half-Up Rosette Combo, a combination of two loose Dutchbacks on top into a Rosette bun, with the rest of the hair down in loose curls. It is simply elegant and so young.

Wavy Hair- Short

Dutch Braided Bun

Easy hairstyles can be so chic—they look like you just threw them together. No big deal! To get this effortless style, go for a low horizontal dutch braid. Simply dutch braid your hair across the nape, working from one side to the other. 

Crown Braid

Here it is, the ultimate braided style for those days when you slept through your alarm or you’re simply too tired to go all in. You can have a beautiful style without the time and effort! 

Wavy Bob with Fishtail Braid

A bob with curls instantly looks more ‘done’. This one’s cute and easy! Curls and braids create a Princess-like look even for short hair. Make the ends of the braid melt into the curls, and this hairstyle can work well for any fancy event

Wavy Bob with Two Side Braids

Sometimes, less is more. Quick hairstyles DIY can not only save your time, money and good mood, but they also have this air about them that’s effortlessly chic. Simply part your hair down the middle or to one side, curl it into big, loose waves, and add a couple of loose braids on the side of your preference.

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