How To Keep Your Hair Dandruff Free, This Winter

How To Keep Your Hair Dandruff Free, This Winter

The common delusion about dandruff is that it is triggered by an unhygienic lifestyle. This, however, is false. If you get an itchy scalp in winter or have dandruff it can leave you mortified. Every 1 in 4 people complains of having dandruff. People are often embarrassed thinking they have dirty hair. Having an itchy scalp in winter or dandruff can lead to anxiety and low self-confidence.


Dandruff is caused by Malassezia globosa. It is a fungus that exists on the scalp. It is responsible for causing itching, flaking, irritation, etc. You can try a remedy for dandruff at home to prevent it from escalating. Although a common condition, dandruff should not be overlooked. It can lead to inflammation if left untreated. You can either choose an anti-dandruff treatment or try home remedies for dandruff.

The common causes of dandruff:

Ever questioned yourself on how to get rid of dandruff without using expensive products? Worried about using products made from toxic chemicals? If yes, then don’t worry. Because we have a low-priced way to solve your problem. You can try home remedies for dandruff to curb itching and flaky skin.


As an alternative for expensive products to cure dandruff, try a remedy for dandruff at home. All the remedies require is your time and a few ingredients. These ingredients can easily be found in your kitchen or the shop down the corner. Read further to know about the natural remedies for dandruff. They are efficient and convenient to follow.

  • Wash your hair more often

    The most effective natural care for dandruff is simply washing your hair regularly. The oil secreted by your roots may end up disturbing your scalp if left for long. The oil gets accumulated along with dirt and causes itching of the scalp. Therefore, washing hair regularly is the best natural care for dandruff. Choose an anti-dandruff shampoo to begin your anti-dandruff treatment at home. 

    Just Herbs product recommendation: Just Herbs recommend Dandruff Control Ayurvedic Soya Protein Shampoo. This is a mild anti-dandruff shampoo enriched with Soy Protein and other herbs. It prevents build-up and leaves your hair lush and conditioned.

  • Neem

    Worried about how to prevent dandruff? The anti-fungal neem is the most effective ingredient used since ancient times. Neem is used to treat numerous skin issues. It is also a prominent ingredient in many shampoos. Incorporate neem to cure dandruff in winter home remedies.

    How to use neem to cure dandruff:

    Take neem powder as per the requirement. Add 3-4 spoons of curd and blend the mixture. Use the mixture on your hair as a hair mask. Let it rest on your hair for 30-40 minutes. Wash off with cold/lukewarm water. let the hair air dry. Neem is one of the best ingredients to use in your home remedies for dry scalp. Use now to get rid of dandruff.

    Just Herbs product recommendation: Just Herbs recommend Handmade Wide-Tooth Neem Comb. The neem comb is made from the wood of the neem tree. The comb is enriched with antiseptic and antibacterial properties of the neem wood. It helps massage the scalp and improves blood circulation.

  • Aloe Vera

    Just like neem, aloe vera has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Aloe vera, apart from being active in home remedies for dry scalp, also exfoliates the scalp. Exfoliating helps in getting rid of dandruff naturally. Take some fresh aloe vera and massage your scalp with it. Rinse it off with an anti-dandruff shampoo. This is one of the best remedies for dry scalp in winter that offer relief from itching. 

    Just Herbs product recommendation: Just Herbs recommend Silky Strength Aloe vera-Wheatgerm Moisturising Shampoo. This shampoo is effective to cure dandruff without stripping off the natural oils. It is non-drying and does not contain paraben. 

  • Lemon Juice

    Fungus and bacteria are the most common causes of dandruff and dry scalp. Using lemon juice is one of the most effective remedies for dry scalp in winter. Lemon contains essential acids that help in breaking down the fungus. This prevents dandruff, itchiness, and skin irritation. The acidic properties of lemon make it the best hair care for dandruff remedy.

    Lemon to cure dandruff:

    • Squeeze a lemon and apply the juice to your scalp.
    • Take 1 spoonful of lemon juice. Add the lemon juice to water (1 cup). Use the blend to cleanse your hair.
    • Repeat this process before showering. Using lemon is effective hair care for dandruff remedy to get rid of itchiness.
  • Coconut Oil

    Dandruff is caused due to dry scalp and itching. To prevent dandruff during winters, it is essential to keep your hair nourished. Massaging your hair with coconut oil is an effective cure for dry scalp in winter. Coconut oil is one of the most common ingredients used in home remedies. It has secured itself a place in both hair and skincare home remedies. This is because coconut oil serves several purposes. It nourishes hair, prevents fungal growth, and prevents itchy scalp. 

    To use coconut oil for dandruff in winter home remedies:

    • Take a few drops of coconut oil on your palms. 
    • Apply it to your scalp and massage gently with your fingertips.
    • Shampoo your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo for better results.

    Just Herbs product recommendation: Just Herbs recommend Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Unprocessed & Certified Organic. Coconut oil from Just Herbs is effective to curb dandruff and promote hair growth. It is cold-pressed, organic, and 100% natural oil with the goodness of vitamin E. Massaging your hair with cold-pressed coconut oil is the best way to remove dandruff

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