How to get the perfect hair for men?

How to get the perfect hair for men?

Hair Care Tips for Men

When it comes to impressing someone with your outstanding personality, good hair plays a vitalrole. This is why women are so aware of hair care and maintenance. They use styling tools, change their hairstyle or colour their hair, but are always careful in protecting them from damage. However, the case is entirely different when it comes to men. Most do not regard haircare as a necessity and opt for a no-fuss routine to maintain it. But it’s time to change that!It is essential to know that our hair stops growing rapidly after a specific age limit and starts to fall more. So, it becomes essential to take care of it from a younger age, especially if you don’t wish to go bald. Hence, here we will share a few tips for men to follow in their hair care routineto keep their hair healthy.

6 Tips for A Perfect Hair Care Routine for Men

A proper hair care routine for men, when followed correctly, can give you the hair you desire, which can be styled in any way you want, be it for a movie with friends or a romantic date. So, let’s see what this routine is and how males can improve their hair quality with its help.

Select the perfect shampoo and conditioner of the same brand according to your hairtype:

Knowing your hair type is quite essential when it comes to purchasing a shampoo and a conditioner. This is because every shampoo is specialised for a specific hair type. Further, the thing to note is whether your shampoo and Ayurvedic hair conditioner are sulphate and silicone-free as these ingredients make your scalp dry. So you can go for organic and healthy hair products available for men˘without reservations as these contain the best ingredients for your hair.

Use Lukewarm Water instead of Burning Hot Water:

You should avoid washing your scalp with hot water as it washes away the natural oil from the scalp leading to scalp issues such as dandruff and roughness. So, try to use lukewarm water or cold water to conserve your scalp’s natural oil and keep it healthy.

Wash your hair regularly:

A regular hair wash is a must for healthy hair, as it removes any buildup due to sweat andpollution. But avoid a daily wash as it can make your scalp dry and strip it of its essential natural oil. Always take a hair bath after a rigorous workout! Wash your hair and scalp thoroughly twice or thrice a week, use a hair mask, and do not forget to use an Ayurvedic hair conditioner every time you shampoo.

Dab the towel on your hair

Wet hair is weak and vulnerable. Avoid drying your hair by rubbing the towel on your hair with force, as this may damage and break strands. Always dab the towel gently on your hair strands and leave them to dry naturally.

Use styling gels

Get a tiny amount of styling gel or pomade and style your hair the way you prefer!Comb your hair Once your hair is half dry, just comb it through with light hands to break the clumps apart or brush it lightly and slowly to remove tangles.

Follow these fabulous hair care tips for healthier and stronger hair; they are also perfect for men with long hair.

Healthy Hair Care Tips For Men:

As men get older, one of the biggest concerns is “How can guys get good hair or how to take care of thin male hair?” Fret not,  we are here to help you! Here we  share a few tried and tested daily habits that can work  wonders for the health of your hair.

Sleep Well:

Giving your head and hair some rest! After all, hair cells grow best when you are asleep. Lack of sleep can also increase stress which is really bad for hair growth.

Don’t style your hair much:

Always be gentle on your hair. Avoid using heat styling tools regularly, and always use them with protective creams. Also, try to avoid using chemicals on your hair too often as it affects hair strands, making them weak and easily breakable.

Balanced Diet:

Just like our body needs nutrition, our hair also needs the same. Thus, a balanced diet is essential for hair growth and health, one which includes proteins and has limited sugary food.

No Smoking:

If you wish to have healthy hair, you should stop smoking (in case you do). Regular smoking will damage the hair follicle internally, which is merely impossible to later repair.

Avoid Stress:

Any kind of stress or anxiety affects hair health and growth. So, it is advisable to avoid stress or relieve it by staying happy, doing meditation, performing yoga, pursuing hobbies, or just relaxing with your favourite book.

Avoid going under the sun without proper head protection:

Use a hat or cap when going in harsh sunlight. Or avoid it altogether if you don’t have adequate protection. The UV rays affect the hair follicle, which is difficult to repair later.

Exercise Regularly:

Doing cardio exercises, strength training, yoga and other workouts keep your body and mind in sound health and improve circulation which is beneficial for your hair.

 Happy hair, healthy hair! 

Use our nifty tips and keep your hair happy and healthy. Be it thin hair or balding, combat your hair care issues with a healthy routine and cure all your problems. Follow these healthy hair tips for men and show your hair you care!

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