"Just Herbs Not Only Keeps My Conscience Clean But Also Keeps My Skin Clear."

Rashi Kaushal, a 22-year-old aspiring actress, shares the story of her skin transformation, how she inspired her mother to pay attention to self-care, and why not all the so-called ‘herbal’ beauty products are created equal.

This weekend we had a phone interaction with Rashi Kaushal, a happy Just Herbs’ customer, to know about her personal journey with the brand. Being an aspiring actor who started her career with public relations, Rashi is always on the move. She frequently appears for auditions and screen tests.

This leaves her with no time to experiment with beauty products that may or may not work for her. She wants to have glowing skin every day. After a lot of trial and error, now, ‘clean’ Ayurvedic skin care is an essential part of her daily routine.

Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

How did you hear about Just herbs?

About a year ago, Nimrat [the famous Punjabi movie star and singer] received this beautiful hamper that had products by Just Herbs. Soon she was all praises about the products. I was drawn towards Just Herbs as I had the same concerns that the brand addresses like purity, safety and effectiveness.
I have always relied on herbal products because I am particular about the ingredients I use on my skin. However, in the past, I used this other herbal brand which kept my conscience clean but clearly, not my skin. Those ayurvedic products did nothing to help my whiteheads, acne, scars or blemishes. So when I received this package from Just Herbs, I was sceptical.

Did Just Herbs work for you?

In my head, I was certain that it wouldn’t work. It would be just another herbal brand with false claims. But I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful results. To begin with, a week into using the Shea Butter lip balm, not only my lips became softer but also the skin around my lips became less dark. Or the Fagel Instant Glow All Purpose Beauty Gel! I had to use it just once to see some obvious results. In just a few days, I could see that my acne-prone skin was clearing up. The blemishes and scars started to fade. In addition, I bought this elixir from the store because it was out of stock online. I thought there’d be some itching as I have very sensitive skin. However, within one week, and I am not kidding, my acne spots were gone! Just Herbs not only keeps my conscience clean but also keeps my skin clear. That’s when I got hooked to the brand.

What was different about Just Herbs?

The problem with using medicated products that my dermatologist recommended was that they’d work only as long as I’d use them. So, for example, if I am using this cream for acne, it’d show results as long as I am using it. But once I’d go back to my normal lifestyle, the acne would be back. However, when I started using the products aimed at acne by Just Herbs, the results were long-lasting. There was a time when the skin on my face was peeling off because of the medications. It was a really low time for me because I had my auditions and screen tests. Now when I observe the change in my skin texture, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Have you shared Just Herbs products with anyone?

My mother uses it. My sister, who is 16, uses it. I even dragged my aunt to the Chandigarh store and bought anti-ageing products for her. She thanks me to this date! There was one time when we had just finished our bottle of Silk Skin Moisturising cream, and coincidentally, it was out of stock online and wasn’t not even in the store. There was absolute chaos at home. Almost a family crisis! Result? We now order two bottles at a time.

My mother was an international badminton player who played for India back in her days. She has never cared about her skin. Whenever she would head out, she would be back with burnt skin, under-skin acne, rashes and pigmentation. At least she used to be back with that till I introduced her to Just Herbs. Now she uses Just Herbs’ moisturiser and sunscreen, and her skin texture has improved tremendously. Nobody in the family has seen a dermatologist in over a year now.

How long do your Just Herbs supplies usually last?

I have realised that the products I used earlier, lasted for three weeks or so generally, but with Just Herbs products, I replenish my stock only once in two months, sometimes even three. For example, I have been using the almond eye cream for over a year now and some is still left.

Is there anything we can do better?

Earlier the bottle pumps would give me a problem but with the new flip top caps, I have absolutely no complaints.

What are your Just Herbs Favourites?

Where do I even start? I practically use everything from the Just Herbs’ skincare line! I can’t live without the Rose Mist or the Silksplash face wash. Skin Tint and Instaglow face pack are my skin-savers. I love Tender Touch Body Oil as it smells amazing and has considering reduced my stretch marks! There is no end to this list. It has been over one year and I can’t seem to move on from Just Herbs. I think I am obsessed!”

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