Yoga for Glowing Skin: 5 Ways

Yoga for Glowing Skin: 5 Ways

Give a boost to your skincare regime by including Yoga in your daily life. Simple tricks, when followed with discipline, can lead to beautiful skin…

These days it seems that we are forever battling the effects of pollution, extreme weather changes and hormones on our skin and hair. To combat the harmful effects of these factors many of us turn to chemical laden creams or treatments that give short-term benefits but in the long term, are very harmful. When your bodies are being attacked every second of every day, it is imperative that we take measures to safeguard ourselves. Here are five ways that yoga can help:  


1. Get clear skin
The skin is the largest organ of our body and shows the signs of ill health first. Yoga can help to diminish the appearance of dark circles and acne. For clear healthy skin a few rounds of kapalabhati can work wonders.

2. Reduce double chin
Have you noticed how yogis have lithe, compact bodies?  Just like their tummies don’t sag, neither do their chins! If you haven’t noticed that, do so now. The reason for this is that just 10 minutes of the most basic yoga exercises, such as slow and gentle neck rotations, ensures that the muscles around your neck and shoulders stay strong and supple. Do this regularly to keep double chin away.

3. Improve hair’s health
Vibrant, strong and black hair is still a sign of good health.  The increased blood flow to the head in inverted asanas stimulates the hair follicles and enables hair to grow.  In fact, when fresh oxygen is supplied to the hair follicles, hair becomes stronger, healthier and thicker. Don’t know any inverted asanas? Not a problem, bending forward in your chair and allowing your head and neck to relax forward will give you the same beneficial surge of fresh blood to the head.  

4. Fight unsightly wrinkles
The ‘Yoga Glow’ is a proven worldwide phenomenon. From Indonesia to Iceland, yogis are walking around with healthy glowing skin, without the necessity of artificial cover-ups and touch-ups. A regular yoga practice increases blood circulation in your body, and this in turn leads to that enviable glow. But even if you don’t have time for a regular yoga class, just rubbing your hands together and gently rubbing your face can work wonders for sluggish circulation.

5. Banish dark circles
The clear sparkly eyes of the yogi are unmistakable. While the seasoned yogi does everything from chaksyu (using triphala to wash the eyes) to trataka (kriya involving staring at a candle to cleanse the eyes), you can get the same effect with a simpler method. Although there are many reasons for dark circles, including heredity, a few techniques can bring about a great improvement in the appearance of dark circles. Set an alarm on your phone for every two hours and for only two minutes close your eyes and start to do eye rotations. Clockwise, anti-clockwise, back and forth, up and down. There are no rules. The more you move your eyes in the sockets, the more you strengthen the muscles. The more you strengthen the muscles, the brighter your eyes will become.

Beautiful skin does not exist in isolation. It is a part of a healthy body. It is a sum total of how you live and the choices you make every day. While it is imperative that we don’t obsessed about body shapes, it is also important to do our best to keep our bodies in ship shape, inside out. And yoga, like Ayurveda, is a time-tested route to fitness that focuses on mind-body balance.

DISCLAIMER: This post was written by the author in his/her personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Just Herbs or its associates. 




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