Unveiling Our New Look- A note from the Founders

Unveiling Our New Look- A note from the Founders

Just Herbs. We’ve been at it for over eight years; Building our version of ‘Wholesome Beauty’ product by product, one formula at a time. 

We were always so consumed with getting the product right - the stuff inside the bottle - that we did not pay much attention to what we looked like on the outside. 

Our first look designed by Megha and I- at my parents’ house on the dining table was too mundane. So we thought, let’s ‘dress’ ourselves  in the existing visual category codes of the day for ‘Ayurvedic beauty.’ 

“This is what Ayurvedic beauty should look like,” we told ourselves, admiring the ornate patterns on our product labels, trying to fit into the crowd. 

Sure, we did try to look attractive, but in the breathlessness of making a passion project into a business,  we never really paused to ask ourselves if the evolution of Just Herbs’ outward appearance has kept up with the ever-evolving soul of the brand? 

It hasn't. The ‘dress’ doesn't fit us anymore. In fact, we outgrew it long ago!

Thought behind ‘Re-dressing’ Just Herbs

India’s beauty landscape has changed, you, the consumer, has changed and we as a company have changed so much. Yet, we haven’t changed the way we look.

However, all this while, even though we did not change on the outside, we were transforming rapidly on the inside. 

Just Herbs’ soul is heavily shaped by my mother and our chief formulator and Co-founder, Dr. Neena Chopra’s scientific temperament and her penchant for traditional Indian wisdom and Ayurveda. So, we don't see science and Ayurveda as conflicting disciplines. 

Infact, in our journey of building this brand, we have found more similarities than differences between the two.  This has helped us push the boundaries of traditional ayurvedic wisdom to make it palatable and practical for you - the modern consumer.

Also, we don't see Ayurveda and its tenets as esoteric concepts that should be expressed and understood only in highbrow Sanskrit.

Rather, we look at it as timeless wisdom that is so versatile that anyone anywhere can adapt it and make it their own, just like we do in our daily lives. 

For us, Ayurveda is these traditional principles applied to modern-day living. Turmeric Latte is Ayurveda and so is eating fennel seeds. 

We have always tried to fuse the best aspects of traditional ayurvedic practices with learnings from contemporary science, to offer beauty solutions that work holistically.

Unveiling Our New Look

For our new and now long overdue visual refresh, we decided to shake things up a little and defy the conventional category codes in the Ayurvedic beauty segment. 

We’re no longer just about old-world rituals of indulgence, steeped in luxury, but about a 360-degree approach to beauty informed by traditional wisdom, perfected by modern science and delivered in a contemporary format.

We promise beauty that is wholesome, that preserves, protects and nourishes. 

We now represent a much more authentic version of our philosophy, but we never have and never will waver from our original promise: wholesome beauty solutions that work.

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